The single-monitor arm is a must-have for those who make use of a single screen to work. The last decade or two has seen the increased use of computers in the workplace and in households. But on other news, research shows that prolonged use of computers resulted in back and neck pain stemming from poor posture. Research into ergonomics has not been around long but you can observe the results through the user-friendly design of monitor mounts. In this article, we are going to look at the perks of using a single-monitor arm.

1. Better posture

People come in different heights; some people are 4 feet while others are 6 feet tall. Both these categories cannot use the computer from the same angle. The single-monitor stand allows for each individual to use the monitor from an angle they are comfortable with; directly affecting posture.

2. Increased flexibility

The single-monitor arm offers great manoeuvrability for the user. Its range of motion includes three hundred and sixty-degree rotation, ninety-degree swivel, and a ninety to eighty-five-degree tilt. You can turn your screen to face any direction you want.

3. Saves space

Since the single-arm monitor stand holds your monitor off the desktop, space normally occupied by the base is left free saving room for alternate utilization. Also, because the monitor is off the desktop, it is kept safe from any accidents that could lead to damage.

4. Protects from glare

Screen glare causes a multitude of health problems, including poor vision, back-ache, and neck pain. You cannot fix screen glare by just adjusting your screen brightness. Screen glare is also as a result of the reflections made on the monitor screen from other light sources like bulbs or sunlight.

Thus, to protect against screen glare, a single-monitor arm would be a great help. Moving the screen to face a side of the room that does not have bright lights in the background reduces screen glare by up to fifty per cent.

5. Has three-year warranty

If a monitor mount comes without a warranty, it is probably not a good idea to buy it. Single-monitor arms usually have a warranty ranging from three to five years. The gadget’s life span is longer than five years, depending on how it’s used. You can judge the durability of the product based on the length of the warranty.

6. Relieves fatigue

Fatigue in the workplace is the leading cause of below-average productivity. Poorly positioned screens are contributors to fatigue. Constant poor posture is the perfect set up for back and neck pain. The single-monitor arm will station the screen at a suitable angle that will train the user in the right posture and consequentially improve performance.

In Conclusion

Computers are here to stay; we should make using them comfortable and efficient. There are many perks to using a single-monitor arm. Some of which include; less fatigue, improved posture, good warranties, and freeing up more space.


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