Do you use a dell laptop battery? When it comes to your device’s function ability, always apply the right strategies to protect your battery’s life because it plays a crucial role in your system. When using your laptop, you may be applying practices that will unknowingly put your battery life at risk. After using your battery for a long time, it may experience wear. However, it depends on how you care for it. Some batteries last longer with proper care. If you have a worn-out battery and in need of a replacement, dell laptop battery offers quality products for your devices. But if your battery is new, here are tips for maintaining it.

Proper Storage

Are you planning to store your dell laptop battery for long? Whether you are traveling or taking a break from your work, ensure to keep your battery correctly. The following storage guidelines will help maintain your battery’s life.

  • When storing your laptops, ensure to keep them in an area that will maintain the required temperature between 0-35 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid storing your batteries when plugged in on a power source.
  • Decide whether to remove your battery from the laptop or store your device with it. Either way works.
  • Ensure to charge your dell batterybefore storing it because there will be a discharge during storage time. Did you know that a stored battery discharges 10-15% of power within four months? Therefore, it’s important to charge it entirely if you plan to keep it over a long period.
  • Additionally, always store your laptops in the right places. The area should offer adequate ventilation to your machine. Place your laptops on wooden surfaces for proper air circulation during operations.
  • Avoid placing laptops on your laps during operations. It will affect your skin because of the high heat trapped on your thighs and cause chemical changes and physical expansion in your battery. Always keep your laptop’s vents free for proper air circulation.

Proper Battery Charging

Have you ever asked yourself if you are charging your battery correctly? Many people recharge their battery when it gives them a power warning. Others continue with their work even after the warning without connecting to a power source. Do you know what this does to your battery?

Leaving your battery to zero renders its service life. If you continue the habit, your battery’s health will eventually be at risk. It is advisable to plug your chargers on when your battery hits 40%. Also, avoid frequent connections and disconnections from the power source, for this can impact your battery’s life negatively.

The charge time of your battery depends on your laptop. If your device supports Express Charge, your battery will have a greater than 80% charge. Your battery will charge fully within 2 hours if you power your device off.

Your dell battery will charge, and when it’s full, it will automatically stop charging. Your laptop will then continue using power from the AC adaptor. It means that your battery will not overcharge.

When to Change Your Dell Laptop Battery

As you continue using your dell laptop battery, its life service decreases. Therefore, it’s essential to find a quality battery from a trusted dealer when the replacement time comes. You may experience a power reduction between 18-24 months of battery use.

Change your battery as soon as you experience any inconveniences with the battery’s function ability. For instance, if your battery starts draining faster when connected to a power source, it’s time to replace it. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Ruined batteries can have adverse effects on your laptop’s system, like swelling and getting stuck.

Once you notice an 80% battery health, start making replacement plans. At this point, your battery’s internal resistance starts building up, leading to longer charging hours and faster-draining speed.

Guidelines for Handling and Replacing Your Dell Laptop Battery

Proper handling of your battery is essential. Whether installing a new battery or handling it during storage, adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Avoid dropping or mutilating your batteries.
  • Avoid applying pressure on your battery’s surface.
  • Avoid blending your Dell laptop battery.
  • Never use any kinds of tools to pry on your battery.
  • Always discharge the battery before removing it from the system when making a replacement.
  • Avoid crushing a battery when it gets stuck in the device because of swelling.
  • Avoid using incompatible or non-dell batteries on your devices because it can increase explosions or fire chances during operations.

Final Thoughts

No matter how careful you are with your battery, it will eventually wear out. Applying great maintenance strategies make its life longer. When purchasing your dell laptop battery, ensure to choose the best quality, and confirm its warranty for the guarantee.


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