As you grow older, it is likely that the teeth appear to be more yellow-ish and this is largely not up to you. Also, the enamel wears down, thus making the yellow stain more noticeable. If you wish to have a brighter smile, then you should try teeth whitening strips. Whitening strips erases outer stains and penetrates tooth enamel to remove deep-seated stains. They make your teeth whiter and are non-toxic when appropriately applied. You can get teeth whitening strips wholesale as easily as can be. This article will discuss the instructions you should follow when using teeth whitening strip and the risks involved.

Instructions on Using Whitening Strips

Using teeth whitening strip is very easy. Below are a few things to keep in mind when you want to apply teeth whitening strip. But you should always read the instructions that follow the product, for the best results.

  • Pull out the whitening strips from its package, then place the side that has gel on your teeth. Shove it gently on your teeth for closer contact. It is advised to brush your teeth not less than half an hour before using the whitening strips so they can stick to your teeth.
  • Once in the mouth, avoid touching the strip so it works uninterruptedly.
  • Be sure of how long you should have the strips on, it should be around 30 minutes. It depends on the toughness of the strip. You are likely to find this in the instructions.
  • Take off the strip after the required time has elapsed. Rinse your mouth so there would be no gel on your teeth. Avoid swallowing any gel from the strip.
  • Keep in mind how many times daily you are supposed to have the strips on. Some are to be worn once while others, twice daily. It solely depends on the product and this is usually stated in the instructions.
  • Some whitening procedures take only a week, others take more. So, you need to know the number of days you should use the whitening strips.

Risks Connected with Using Whitening Strips

There are a few risks linked with teeth whitening strips when overused. These threats include:

  1. Harms your gum cell: When you overuse the whitening strip, the chemical in the strip, sodium hydroxide, can impair the teeth and burn up soft gums.
  2. Tooth deterioration: If you use the whitening strip too often, it could cause your teeth harm and increase the threat of cavities.
  3. Delicate tooth: If you use too many whitening strips, the enamel in your teeth could become damaged. Therefore, exposing your teeth. Your teeth would become sensitive making it a challenge to take in overheated or frozen food and drinks.


Yellow teeth come over time because of the food and beverages one takes in. You no longer need to see a dentist to have your teeth whitened, you can now do this on your own. Yellow or stained teeth can be whitened with teeth whitening strips. Teeth-whitening strips are safe to use as long as you discreetly follow the package instructions. As whitening strips are very easy to get, you can get a whiter, brighter smile with little or even no stress.


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