When it comes to decorating your house, the most important component of it all is the lightning. It highlights all the elements of your décor and design and gives a finishing look to your interior. And what’s a better way to emphasize every feature of your interior than with traditional chandeliers?

Cristal Lighting’s traditional chandeliers collection includes some of the most entrancing and exquisite lighting designs that exude true warmth and charm. With so many options to choose from, it might get confusing to pick out a chandelier that you like. To read more about it, check out their website or continue scrolling!

Natural and artificial lighting can either break or make your room depending on how and where you place them. That is why it’s crucial to know where to install your fixtures for a look that’ll make every feature of your décor and design stand out.

Traditional chandeliers are still one of the most popular and fashionable types installed in today’s living rooms, dining halls, and formal entryways. They add a bold and striking statement, lightning up the entire place.

Difference between Modern & Traditional Fixtures

You might’ve decided that you want a traditional chandelier, but do you know how it’s different than the modern ones? A traditional chandelier is mostly made up of brass, gold, crystals, and classical materials which tend to make them a bit heavy. On the other hand, a modern and contemporary chandelier is made up of a mixture of materials like bronze, iron, and chrome making them light.

Classic traditional chandeliers are mostly placed in antique rooms where they complement the wooden flooring and furniture along with huge paintings. This would give the room a vintage feeling. Whereas, modern lightings are usually installed in white modern rooms with minimalistic design.

Traditional lighting fixtures are often more formal, with complex features and intricate designs inspired by iconic architectural forms. This lighting enhances any area with warmth, elegance, and richness. They are utilized to add a touch of refinement and beauty to any room.

Why You Should Choose a Traditional Chandelier

The most essential thing to consider when purchasing a classic chandelier is its size. Since it will become the main focus of any room in which it is placed. A single centerpiece with ornamental embellishments hung in your living room or entry area will provide great decorative details.

Traditional lightings offer a variety of benefits, including improving the aesthetics of the space, tying your home’s overall décor together, and creating an enjoyable ambiance. Above all, traditional lighting is lovely, and using it will bring new life into your home.


Traditional Chandeliers from Cristal Lightings are some of the most unique and intricate fixtures we’ve come across. There are different crystals available for you to choose from like the Egyptian or K9. They also provide finishes in gold, chrome, bronze, and brass to your chandelier which is according to your preference.


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