If you have ever felt numbness on your fingers and toes during cold periods, especially winter, and pain immediately, they start getting warmed up, you know how difficult it could touch cold things or be in the cold. If your fingers turn white or pale then to blue when cold, in addition to the sensation explained earlier, chances are you might have Raynaud’s disease. There is no need to panic as one study shows that almost 20% of the world’s population is affected by this condition. It is interestingly named after a medical student who first identified it. This article looks at ways in which the Raynaud’s gloves can be used in effectively managing this disease.

What causes Raynaud’s Disease?

Normally, our blood vessels relax more when we feel hot, release heat from our bodies, and tighten up constricting when exposed to cold to conserve out body heat, so we do not freeze up. But in people with Raynaud’s disease, the blood vessels tighten up far much than they are supposed to, causing all sensation we normally experience when facing cold, and even stress.

Raynaud’s disease cannot be cured sadly, but it can be managed by the following:

  • Dipping cold fingers into warm water can help to relieve numbness.
  • Wearing extra clothes, especially for hands and feet to prevent cold
  • Avoiding contact with cold objects, or if it is unavoidable, reduce contact.
  • Learning to manage stress, in this case, it is prompted by stress.
  • Using gloves, mittens, or other accessories to keep your hands warm.
  • Using heated gloves to constant keep the hand temperatures at an optimum level.

How does the above scenario play out?

When outdoors, you cannot continuously dip your hands in warm warmer because the water would become. Layering up on clothes or using accessories like gloves might seem a good idea at first, but what if you need to take an outdoor picture or get water on your mittens. Not so good now, right? And avoiding any form of cold, especially during winter, does not sound like much fun, so what do you do?

Raynaud’s gloves are heated gloves specially made for those with Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s gloves are not only for those with the disease but all those who feel pain and numbness in the fingers and hands when exposed to cold, helping them enjoy any weather and not worry about any negative sensation that might accompany such exposure.

How the Raynaud’s gloves help in managing the disease

KeepWarming’s Raynaud gloves are the perfect pair of heated gloves. The glove liners are thin enough to allow flexibility on the smallest of activities and keep you warm, thanks to the leather layer. Being soft and waterproof, they let you enjoy the comfort and easing the worry of humidity or moisture while at it. The carbon fibers radiate heat uniformly to all your fingers, increasing circulation and easing arthritis as well. This awesome pair of gloves also allows you to select any temperature you feel comfortable with, and have various thicknesses of you to choose from.

Final Thoughts

KeepWarming Raynaud gloves keep your fingers warm and relieve you from all the pain cold brings.


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