Cleaning your teeth periodically with dentist cleaning tools is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There are so many types of this tool, but one of the best is zahnarzt instrumente reinigen. It is important to clean the mouth daily at home, but aside from this, professionals still advise for a visit to the dentist to get a professional touch.

Most people are scared of visiting the dentist due to fear or uncertainty of what the outcome of the visit might be. Being conversant with their cleaning tools and how it works is probably the best way to subdue this fear. This article is intended to make you conversant with the tools and their functions.

Dentist Cleaning Tools: Types and Functions

1. Rinse

The first thing to do before using the dentist’s cleaning tools is to rinse the mouth. The essence of rinsing the mouth is to ensure the safety of the procedure for both the dental hygienist and the patient.

2. Mirrors

The mirror enables one to see things by reflecting light. It is an important component of the dentist cleaning tool. It allows the dental hygienist to study the front area of both the teeth and the tissues at the rear end. Without this tool, it would be impossible for the dental hygienist to examine fully the mouth’s interior.

Some of the mirrors have handles to which they are attached so that the dental hygienist can manipulate them and position them in any direction. There is a type of mirror that has a concave shape, and what this does is offer magnification, such that little structures are made bigger.

3. Scalers

The scaler is made of metal and is used to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. It is designed in such a way that its different parts serve different functions. The other end is used to scrape just under the gum line. This is done without injuring the gum tissue, and it is usually blunt. Also, the pointed end is for the tooth section above the gum.

4. Polishers

After the other tools have been used, the last tool is the polisher. What it does is ensure that your teeth are as sparkling, shiny, and white as possible. There are various types of polishers, but the common ones are small rubber cups and prophy.

It is combined with a abrasive paste (moderate). This leaves the whole surface of the teeth clean and shining. The polishing process is complete after the scaling (ultrasonic) and hand scaling have been done.


It is recommended to visit the dentist periodically to clean your teeth. This is important because it would not just leave your teeth clean but also detect intending dangers early.

In addition to the toothbrush which is accessible by anyone and can be used at home, there are dentist cleaning tools that are handled by professionals only.

If you are not properly trained to use these tools, you should not try using them. Using it without proper knowledge will only injure you, instead of cleaning your teeth.


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