Baccarat Chandelier

Baccarat crystal history dates back to the mid-1800s, and it has since then been making several merchandises including perfumes and paperweights. When it comes to purchasing something as antique and unique as baccarat products, you have to be keen or otherwise; you risk using your money on the wrong product.

YIOSI Baccarat chandelier is one of the products designed to give your homes a unique touch and lighting. It is, therefore, essential to know how to identify baccarat chandelier that will feet your taste and preference.

  • Find Baccarat Marking

The baccarat products have a logo to identify them. Each product has a letter ‘B’ followed by the year of manufacture. Often the marking is done at the bottom of the chandelier featuring a wine glass, goblet, and carafe. This trademark will help you realize whether you’re about to purchase an original product.

  • Laser Etching

The current product line of chandeliers is laser etched the word baccarat. When someone asks you why baccarat crystal is so expensive, your answer should be simple. It’s because it goes through a long process of designing and etching to ensure top-notch product quality. Note most original products have labels engraved on them.

  • Contact The Company

If you’re willing to spend your money on an excellent quality piece of work, you have to ensure you go home with the right product. Suppose you want to buy baccarat chandelier parts, and you’re not sure if it’s the original piece, contact the company. They have a customer service line that will help you identify whether the piece is genuine once you send images of what you are about to purchase.

  • Check On The Weight

The process of how to identify a baccarat chandelier isn’t complicated, but you have to take your time. Therefore, take your time and weigh the chandelier. However, a chandelier is generally heavy, but imitations or fake chandeliers are light in weight.

Baccarat Chandelier
  • Identify The Style Used To Design Baccarat

Baccarat is a uniquely styled product, but there are imitations or fake types out there. Take your time to identify the style used to design the chandelier. Use magnifying lenses and compare what you see to the oldest catalog of the baccarat.

  • Examine The Sticker On The Chandelier

Most stickers on baccarat products are rectangular with red borders and white background. Inside the sticker is the logo name baccarat. Also, you can find a quadrilateral shaped sticker with black borders and the logo name baccarat in the middle. So if you see any other shaped sticker, you should know it is not the legit product. Nonetheless, you can’t use the sticker as the sole identifier of the original baccarat chandelier.

  • Visit Antique Shop Or Baccarat Retailer

Suppose you’ve ordered your chandelier online and you have doubts it’s the right product. The supplier might have packed the legit product, but due to a shipping mix up, you receive the wrong chandelier. Visit the antique shop near you and ask them to identify whether it’s the real baccarat product.

Also, consider contacting the supplier or visiting the shop and inquire about the product.

Take Away Is baccarat crystal worth it? The beauty of the chandelier and other products designed by baccarat is uniquely excellent and has a touch of class. When you hang a chandelier in your room, your space automatically looks fabulous. Point is, you need to be keen on how to identify baccarat chandelier you about to spend on.


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