Importing goods can be very hectic, especially if you are a starter in the business. You can end up losing your money if you fall at scammers or get losses if you get poor quality or mediocre products. Sourcing products, especially furniture, have been made easier if you follow this guide keenly. Read on to get the best tips on how to import furniture from china with zero hustle or stress.

Make Use of China Search Engines

China is unique when it comes to search engines. Unlike the rest of the globe that uses Google as the primary search engine tool in china, things are pretty different. The popular search engine in China is called Baidu. It works just like Google. Using Baidu, you can easily find any product that you want. You might also consider using other search engines that are china-based, for instance, Shenma, Wechat, and Sogou.

Engage Sourcing Agents

Seeking help from trusted import agents will prove a big deal, especially when you want to have products without traveling to China. The best thing with agents is that they know the best as they already know the best production agencies and companies in their locality. However, going for this option means digging deeper into your pockets. You might go for individual agents or company agents; however, either way, trust is vital to the business’s success.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Attending trade fairs and exhibitions is one of the best options for sourcing products from china. There is a greater probability of getting the best products from the leading as everybody will try to showcase their best productions. If traveling will be a challenge, it is best to update these exhibitions and trade fairs online.

Online Markets

Online markets places for China offer a lot. Here you will get a variety of products from different manufacturers and suppliers. One advantage of using online marketplaces is that you will likely get quality products and enormous discounts due to the current market competition. Other than the online marketplaces, it would be best to visit other marketplaces that operate on wholesale terms. There are numerous marketplaces you can consider buying from, including known of the best known


Whichever decision you make regarding how you want to source your furniture products entirely depends on your preferences. It is best to ensure you have done enough research and assessment on which method and source are easy, secure, and worthy of trusting your capital with. You might want to go for references and reviews from other business people who have tried your path before. This will give you a true picture of who to trust and who to trust not. It is also worth it to understand that different have different experiences and tastes regarding online shopping.

It doesn’t mean just because one had a bad experience with a specific agency or product; it will be the same case with you. Do your independent research and review on the markets available if a possible request for samples. Be sure to check on the refund and compensation policies before making any order from overseas.


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