Huawei pay is the online payment system that enables you to make safe and secure online transactions.

A Digital Wallet for Digital Era:

Huawei wallet features Huawei Pay, which allows you to add your bank cards to Huawei Wallet. Once you save your cards in the wallet, it will manage your payments with added advantages. No need to carry a bulky wallet loaded with bank cards, tickets, and receipts in your pockets or bag. In the digital era of 2020, bring your personal digital wallet with you.

Cash-Free Shopping Experience:

Purchase your groceries from supermarkets or shop your cosmetics in your favorite brand’s outlet, Huawei Pay is your ultimate shopping companion.

The one tap payment method saves you from the hassle of carrying cash and bank cards in your bag or pocket and protects you from the dangers of loss or theft.

Can I Trust Huawei Pay?

This is true; most users want to ask for security when such personal bank information is involved. Huawei Pay is a secure and trustable method of online payment. In fact, it is safer than using a physical bank card.

  • The actual card number is not used in transactions; instead, a device card number is used as a token.
  • Actual card number is stored neither on the Huawei Pay servers nor shared with the merchant.
  • No transaction can be completed without fingerprints, face, or Payment PIN authentication.
  • Huawei Pay does not retain personal information after the transaction has been made.

For what Can I Pay Through My Mobile Pay:

You can use Huawei Mobile Pay for the following:

  • In-store payments only one tap away. So, tap your phone and get it done.
  • In-store payments using a payment code as it is allowed only in certain countries and regions.
  • To use public transport. This facility is limited to certain countries and regions of the world.
  • In-App Purchases. This feature will be available soon.

What Is Wallet Kit For?

Wallet App is your virtual place for keeping your Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Access Cards, Coupons, and Bank Cards on your phone. This is the smart way of life in today’s busy lifestyle. Your Huawei phone will have a pre-installed Wallet App. For other Android phones, you can download it from Google Play Store.

Huawei Customer Service For Better Customer Experience:

You can connect to Huawei Customer service through phone, your social media handles, or your nearest support centers to find the most co-operative staff always there to solve your issues.

Enjoy Exclusive offers with HUAWEI Mobile Pay:

Huawei mobile pay through the wallet app brings an exciting shopping experience for its valued customers. It coordinates with international supermarket chains and brands to get exclusive offers, unique discount cards, surprise gifts, and much more.

Mobile pay is the modern way of shopping and in-store payments in today’s busy digital lifestyle—no more hassle of carrying cash and bank cards in your pockets and bags. Just take your mobile with you and enjoy it.


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