The cost of the skateboard is what prevents many skateboarding enthusiasts from harnessing fun and joy. You can cope with this situation by choosing a skateboard that offers discounts. But the problem is that many manufacturers offer discounts on low-quality products that do not last long.

You don’t need to worry in this regard. This article will provide you with insights into a top-quality electric skateboard from Wowgoboard that offers a plethora of features. Not only this, but you will get link coupon to enjoy a special discount on value-added product. This will enable those skateboarding lovers who cannot afford one. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Electric Skateboard – Overview

You can define an electric skateboard as a skateboard that features a battery, motor, and remote control. These skateboards are completely different from conventional traditional skateboards. Electric skateboards are perfect for short-distance commuting and fun. There are different styles and variants to choose from for electric skateboards.

What Makes Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard Standout?

Wowgoboard electric skateboard is different from conventional skateboards and offers multiple perks. Some of these perks are:

Higher Power Battery

The battery of this skateboard is highly powerful and delivers more. This is true when it comes to acceleration. The higher voltage of the battery offers super-fast acceleration. The battery does not end up quicker, and you can enjoy a smoother ride even on busy streets. The lasting feature of the battery allows you to continue your rides without any obstacles.

Remote Controlling

With the wireless remote, you can control the various functions of your skateboard effortlessly. These functions include braking and speed. The remote features an LED display. You can stop the skateboard anywhere you want. This enables beginners to enjoy the most without any exceptional skateboarding. The braking feature adds up safety and prevents you from accidents.

Outperforming Wheels

The electric skateboard from Wowgoboard features durable and reliable wheels. The size of these wheels is 90mm. You are going to enjoy a remarkable level of stability. These wheels outperform, especially on tight turns and sharp corners. You cannot question the level of manoeuvrability you will harness with these wheels. Some wheels feature a honeycomb design, which caters to shock absorption on uneven terrains.


The weight of the electric skateboard is not very high. Anyone can easily take this skateboard anywhere they want. You can easily carry this skateboard, and due to its compact size, you can easily put it in the car trunk. Besides handling the light weight of the skateboard assists in better stability. Lightweight does not mean lower quality materials. Instead, the level of durability is remarkable.

Large Board Area

The large board area of the electric skateboard doubles up the skateboarding experience. Whether you are an adult or a child, you can take the most out of your electric skateboard. The area of the skateboard features a design that you can completely put your feet on the board and adjust them. This reduces the chance of falling, and you can maintain the optimum level of balance.


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