Why Samurai Swords Are Iconic in Japan

The Japanese samurai were known for carrying strong and flexible swords that have a super sharp cutting edge. Since the eight century, samurai swords have been a symbol of status in Japanese society. Because of this, many swords were considered deadly weapons and as valuable family heirlooms. In fact, you can find several Japanese...

The Japanese Warrior Swords and Their Meaning

Japanese Warrior Swords
The samurai warriors of the Japanese Empire were legendary. Indeed, they remain one of the best-known warrior ranks in the history of the entire world. Movies, cartoons, animations, and comic books have been made about this deeply revered group of warriors who were known for their stoicism, bravery, loyalty, and profound honor, which they valued...

Top reasons why artwork is in hot demand

Art is a lot of things; it is the gift that keeps on giving. Art has played a significant part in getting humankind to where it is today in terms of tolerance of cultural and racial differences. Though we still have a long way to go in some regards, art had a significant role in setting...