The leather edge paint is a liquid meant to dye and soak in leather’s raw edges, ensuring that the leather has a more natural feel and look. Furthermore, the edge paint can be applied to the Edge coat paint to establish a modern-looking, perfectly curved edge. Leather edge paint comes in any desired color. If you wish to learn how to apply quality leather edge paint, here are nine steps.

9 steps on how to apply quality leather edge paint

1. Ready the materials

The first step requires you to prepare all the materials. The preparation involves you ensuring that all the edges are as flat as possible and that you can use a knife to make the edges even.

2. Pour edge paint

This step is very crucial. Therefore, it would be best if you poured the edge paint into the oil edge tool.

3. Applying the edge paint

This step can be done by either a machine or by hand, depending on your precision. Very smoothly and evenly, apply the leather edge paint to the edge.

4. Room to dry

In this step, patience is critical. The longer the time is given for the edge paint to dry, the better than a shorter period. You can also use room temperature. Furthermore, you can also opt to provide it with 20 to 30 minutes for it to dry. For those with a good eye and experience, they can quickly notice when it is dry.

5. Sand the edges

The next step requires you to sand the edges until it is very smooth. You can opt to use the 800 grit sandpaper to ensure that the next layer will be perfect and strong as the previous layer. After sanding, apply the leather edge paint to the second layer and give it time to dry.

6. Sanding the second layer

At this step, you can opt to use 600 grit sandpaper after it has dried. This step is critical as it is where you will perfect any imperfections you had previously made. It is also the step that will ensure you get an excellent edge.

7. Apply two other layers

At this step, you will need to put two more or even three more layers to make it look round and not flat and for better results. Then give it time for it to dry.

8. Final edge

After it is completely dry, use 800 grit sandpaper on the final edge. Once you have finished with the sanding, you can now grease the leather.

9. Wait for the leather to dry

This is the last step of applying the leather edge paint. This step would help if you gave the leather a few moments for it to dry. But the longer it takes, the better.


The process of applying leather edge paint is simple, and anyone can do it. You can opt to acquire the services of a professional, or you can do it yourself. Furthermore, the above few steps will guide you on how to apply leather edge paint.


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