Skin tags are a common issue in both men and women. Obese individuals are particularly more prone to skin tags. Though they are harmless, they are not appealing. While some skin tags drop off on their own, some require special devices or medical treatment. You can also try home remedies, but they will take a long time to work. A skin tag removal pen is a user-friendly and highly effective pen that you can use to remove marks like spots, skin tags, and moles from your skin. Here is all you need to know about how a skin tag removal pen works.

How Skin Tag Removal Pen Works

The pen’s tip emits a minute electrical arc that does not come into contact with the skin. The arch formed by the plasma pen vaporizes the skin. As a result, it cauterizes the area and forms tiny scabs that fall off after a week. You can go to a cosmetic or medical facility where professionals will perform the treatment. Alternatively, you can purchase a small-sized mole removal pen to use at home. The good news is you can use the pen safely at home, and it works instantly.

Directions for Use

A skin tag removal pen comes with instructions for use that you need to read them carefully before using the pen. Here are the directions for how to use the pen:

  • Assemble all the needles you will need for the process. Then use alcohol to clean the needles and your skin thoroughly. Alcohol kills germs on the needles and skin preventing infections. 
  • You can use a thread to insert the coarse needle into the hole on the tip in the clockwise direction. Before threading the fine needle in the hole, too, you need to insert it in the guard.
  • Press the power button to switch the device on or off. The screen will display the available power. Then power off the device before starting any operation.
  • Adjust the gear level by short pressing the power button. 
  • When the device is on, you will see a green indicator.
  • While still pressing on the working button, hold the skin tag removal pen at a slight angle and move it back and forth on the treatment area with minimal strength.
  • To stop the operation, you should release the working button.
  • When you power the device, you can turn the lights on/off.
  • Charging the pen is pretty simple. Connect the USB cable to the wireless charging base. When the pen is charging normally, the green light will blink. When fully charged, the pen maintains the green indicator. 

Safety Measures When Using the Pen

These are the safety measures when you are using the pen:

  • Practice using the pen on the pigskin to perfect the process.
  • You should consider applying a numbing cream depending on the treatment area and your tolerance to pain.
  • Avoid strong alkaline solutions or scrubs on the skin tags.
  • Avoid spicy foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle when recovering.
  • Do not cover a larger area in a single session since you increase the risks of bleeding and infections.
  • Do not use the pen while it is charging
  • Once you are done with the operation, remove the needles from the pen and disinfect them.


Skin tag removal pens have made people appreciate advanced technology due to its convenience and affordability. Read through the article to know how to use the pen. Further, you will learn the safety measures of the pen.


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