Because of the Covid19 Pandemic people chooses to pay their bills and do their payment transactions online. It is foreseen that by 2024, 23% of people worldwide will use the mobile POS system. The number could be higher than this. Biometrics is the latest trend emerging in the market.

This only means that 1.75 billion mobile users are applying device-based POS transactions, and the study also shows that surprisingly, that POS transaction increases by 180% over the estimated period.

In 2020, around 1.17 billion people use mobile devices with POS systems. Another thing that attracts people to pay using POS devices is the lower prices as compared if you buy it in the store. This is quite true among the small and cash-driven businesses that are having a hard time keeping their customers.

China tops the market for this payment method and doubling the value of US sales through mobile and POS-device transactions.

Huawei FIDO Wallet App
You can download the Huawei FIDO wallet app on Google Play Store. It is a mobile payment solution intended for Huawei devices. The functionality and purpose are basic but is it a bit restricted when it comes to availability. The biggest users of this app are the Chinese. It is somewhat similar to South Korea’s LG Pay.

The Huawei FIDO is expanding in various markets. It is also used in the European market. You can check some of the reviews, and it looks like Huawei is working well in Europe.

Huawei Pay Introduces in Thailand
To have a contactless payment in Thailand, the biometric mobile payments using the POS system in retail stores were introduced via the Huawei FIDO pay. This is made possible by the collaboration of UnionPay and Huawei mobile services.

It is being supported by the Thai subsidiary of Chinese bank ICBC. In using the Huawei wallet, you need to tap the mobile device to the payment terminal. This is how convenient this wallet is and also safe. Huawei FIDO makes sure that your login details are safe.

With FIDO, the users can verify themselves with on-device biometrics or PIN. Sometimes a two-factor authentication is used, which is a combination of biometrics and passwords. You will be protected against scammers and phishing.

You can download the app from your smartphone via the Playstore or App store. The tech giant has partnered with nine local retail partners and will be adding more soon.

Final Thoughts
Because of the increasing number of online users, you must keep your identity and other personal details safe. The best thing to do is apply or use the Huawei FIDO authentication service to transact safely online.

If you haven’t used this system, you can do some research, or you can ask the experts about FIDO. Design specifically for convenience and to boost security. Allow users to use local biometric authentication to complement password security.


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