2. LED Parking Lot Lights

For many people, securing a parking lot means having a strong wall or fence and gate. Proper lighting is also an important security feature for any parking lot but frequently overlooked by companies and individuals alike.

A dimly light parking lot can easily conjure up terrifying mental images. Many people dread walking in poorly illuminated parking lots because of the perceived danger that could be lurking in the shadows. It is common for employees or even customers to shy away from staying at or coming to an office with dark alleys and dark parking lots. If you are shopping for LED parking lot lights to brighten your parking space, read our blog post on parking lot lights for the best deals.

Emerging Trends in LED Parking Lot Lighting

The emergence of LED technology into the mainstream market a few years ago has radically transformed the lighting landscape. With each passing year, a new and innovative technology emerges that further challenges the limits of current LED lighting technologies. The following are some of the best emerging trends in LED parking lot lighting in 2020:

  • Color rendering: Conventional LED lights designed for parking lots produce cool and super bright white colors, with a high color rendering index. Therefore, visitors to a parking lot can easily perceive objects of different colors. However, there is a growing trend where LEDs of different colors are mixed to give the parking lot an elegant and bespoke look. The different color temperatures emitted by these mixed LED lights minimize glaring and improve discerning of objects.
  • Eco-conscious LED light designs: There is a growing demand for eco-friendly LED parking lot lights with low glare, more downward lighting, and less upward lighting. Such lights are considered to be dark sky compliant as they are designed to prevent light pollution. Dark sky compatibility is increasingly becoming an important certification requirement, especially for open parking lot lights. As an industry certification standard, dark sky compatibility is measured based on the backlight, uplight, and glare (BUG) rating.
  • The reemergence of retro LED bulbs: Generally, retro bulbs, with their imposing filaments, were considered old school not only for parking lots but also for interior lighting. However, there is a growing clamor for these bulbs. LED lights manufacturers are increasingly coming up with new retro LED light bulbs due to their elegance. In 2020 and beyond, expect to see some parking lots fitted with retro LED light bulbs.
  • More aesthetics, less cost: LED parking lot lights are considered to offer more aesthetics worth at a low cost. The market is currently flooded with super bright LED lights that come with cool illumination due to the increased lumens. However, the changes that are gradually getting embraced in this industry will shape how we view LED lighting. Extravagant designs that incorporate accents lighting styles, geometric designs, metallic finishes, and retro bulbs but cost less will continue to emerge in the coming years.


The evolution of LED parking lot lights has taken place relative to technological advancements in the lighting industry. The emerging trends have the potential of transforming your parking lot into a safe and cool space.


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