Coffee has many benefits, like lifting your spirits. It’s a go-to drink for most people, especially in the morning, to help stay alert and boost physical performance. A coffee filling machine fills ground coffee into a capsule for brewing, and few brands specialize in them, such as Nespresso. A Nespresso capsule filler is one of the best machines for the production of high-quality coffee. In this post, we focus on working and maintenance of the coffee capsule filler machine.

How a Coffee Capsule Filler Machine Works

Several stages are involved before the capsules are ready for use. They are;

Stage 1; Preparation

Gather all the raw materials needed in the process: the actual coffee, decaf, and any other supplementary materials. Ensure the machine is in good condition and ready for your use.

Stage 2; Mixing of Ingredients

Mix all the necessary ingredients and pour them into the machine cylinder. The materials will make up the constituents of the coffee capsule.

Stage 3; Package Designing

The capsule must be made to fit the designated coffee proportions. In the programmable logic controller (PLC), key in the specifications of the packaging. It’s an essential step since it involves the coffee quantity in each capsule, its size, and the machine’s velocity while packing.

Stage 4; Making the Coffee Pods

Once the machine has processed the command, it produces the right-sized capsules and pushes them towards the filter forming a module. With small filter paper discs from the filter, the machine takes the capsules to the welding station and sticks the filters onto them.

Stage 5; Filling and Weighing of Coffee Capsules

The coffee is taken out of the cylinder and filled into the pods. They are then placed on the load cell to confirm the weight of each capsule. The capsule should appear as intended but adjust the multitrack auger dispenser immediately to get the proper specifications in case of any fault.

Stage 6; Sealing

The machine passes nitrogen over the capsule opening and automatically puts the lid on it, and is sealed by heat.

How to Maintain a Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

Proper maintenance is vital to improve the performance and efficiency, and longevity of the machine. The capsule filling machine’s price is on the higher side, so caring for it saves money as damages are controlled.

When the machine is in use, only specialized staff should be allowed to handle it. It operates under high voltage, so the electric shock is possible if mishandled. Switch off power sources or cut off the power supply to the machine when not in use. Always cover it to prevent dust accumulation. Failure to do so causes a blur effect on the screen surface. Use cotton swabs dipped in ethanol to clean the screen gently and dust daily from inside out. To prevent heat dissipation and maintain the machine temperature, avoid placing items on it or covering it while still on. Also, Ensure the machine is ventilated and dry.


You now understand how the coffee capsule filling machine works and how to care for it. The machine produces perfect coffee capsules; hence high-quality coffee is made.


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