Popular Medical Laser

Laser refers to a form of light amplification that uses stimulated emission of various radiations. The device possesses different properties, including high monochromaticity and coherence. In the medical industry, laser comprises of directionality, which is primarily attributed to its high penetration power.  Therefore, a laser machine is a viable tool in surgery, as well as medical diagnosis. Here are the top and popular medical lasers to buy in 2019. At the same time, this article highlights fiber laser marking machines choosing tip.

  1. Argon CO2- Has A Gaseous Medium

A gaseous laser refers to a device that operates via an electric current, which is discharged through a gas that has a laser medium. Usually, the gas produces a laser light. Also, since it is a gas laser, the medium is often in its gaseous state. Such lasers are often used in various applications that need laser light with a high beam of light coupled with a long coherence length. In addition, gas lasers are used in different applications such as sensing and the testing of night vision. In the medical sector, this type of laser is vividly used in the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.

    2. Liquid Laser

As the name suggests, a liquid laser is a device that relies on a liquid to operate successfully. Therefore, in such a device, light is used in supplying energy to the laser medium. With that said, a dye laser is also a perfect example of a liquid laser. It uses some form of organic dye, which is a liquid solution as the primary laser medium. Other than that, a dye laser is also manufactured using some mixture of dye that is incorporated with some form of solvent. Therefore, such lasers are in a position to generate laser light from its beam.

     3. Solid Laser Systems

A solid laser has two major components known as the optics and then the electronics. These elements are primarily integrated into one box.  The laser also has some form of cavity that has a spherical mirror looking like a plane on every end. This implies that the ends are filled with a crystal medium with atoms that are tightly bonded. Usually, light is channeled through the medium using a laser lamp. The entire process allows the crystal medium to produce light that bounces between mirrors, thereby producing an intense light.

      4. Dye Laser Systems

A dye laser utilizes dye in its operations. Because it is a liquid solution, it can also be termed as a fluid laser system. Other than that, a dye laser system is often readily available for use. It may also have different wavelengths and regions. It can also use solvents, including p-dioxane and ethanol. In the long run, a dye laser system can also utilize sulfoxide as the leading chemical.  

Popular Medical Laser

 5. Diode Lasers

A diode laser is one that generates laser radiations using a semiconductor. Usually, diode lasers have different wavelengths as well as power and types of fibers. These elements are keenly utilized in the laser vaporization of different prostates. As such, this laser can also be utilized in two different clinical procedures known as diode laser vaporization in the treatment of prostate diseases. In a different scenario, the laser may be utilized in conducting safe intraoperative techniques characterized by elements such as hemostasis as well as coagulative features.

6. Excimer lasers.

Invented by the legendary Nikolai Basov back in 1970, an excimer laser is also known as an exciplex laser. It refers to a unique ultraviolet laser that is often utilized in the production of different elements such as microelectronic devices and semiconductors. These applications are usually based on integrated circuits known as chips used in spearheading eye surgery. Later in the years, an excimer laser has evolved into one of the prominent devices in the medical sector. It is famous for producing electrons as well as significant beams of light stimulated majorly by the emission of stronger wavelengths.

   7. Free Electron Lasers

Invented by John Madey, a free-electron laser refers to a common device commonly used in the medical sector to operate on some of the critical issues that may be affecting the health of a patient. Usually, an electron laser consists of slightly a medium and high-speed electron that moves freely across a magnetic wavelength. Its unique way operation earns it’s the name. For that reason, over the years, free-electron lasers have been used in spearheading X-Rays.

8. Fiber Lasers

A fiber laser is known as an active device that has a grain inside of it, which is usually filled with some elements of thulium coupled with dysprosium. In the medical sector, a fiber laser is often used in the diagnosis of different health issues that may not be easily detected by conducting the usual lab test. One added pro of using the fiber laser over other forms of lasers includes the fact that light is often already added into the flexible fiber. This makes it more flexible in its operations.

Additional Information On Types Of Lasers

The advent of lasers in the medical world has contributed to the development of different therapies and treatments geared towards treating diseases. Health practitioners and research scientists have been working together to establish unique treatment methods by using lasers. For that reason, emerging practitioners are also determined to discover the existing uses of medical lasers.


A medical laser is often used in spearheading different procedures such as cosmetic surgery and refractive eye surgery. It can also be used in removing tattoos, marks, and other scars. Since there are different types of lasers, it is crucial for you as a healthcare practitioner to comprehend the variables, as indicated in this article. With that said, there are additional uses of lasers that medical practitioners have also been discovering. They include skin tag removal and permanent hair removal.


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