Custom Sculpture

Bronze is one of the oldest alloys used by sculptors. After thousands of years, it still is for creating greater than life pieces of outdoor art. There are bronze sculptures everywhere, from the famous wall street bull to the grandeur Buddha statue in Thailand, they are as captivating as they are beautiful. 

Whether it is a small or large sculpture, bronze seems to be the ideal sculpting medium for an outdoor presentation. 

Here is an exploration of why bronze is the preferred material for outdoor sculptures.

The Artistic Freedom to Add Gorgeous Details

One of the prevailing reasons why bronze has been so famous since 3150 BC is because artists can create sculptures with intricate details. Because of its low melting point, the artist can easily add last-minute details into the casting. Furthermore, the artist can rely on the fact that bronze becomes hard very fast, despite its low melting point.

There aren’t many other materials that allow for such a sophisticated approach to details that can be retained in outdoor conditions. 

At the same time, bronze is quite expensive, which means it symbolizes status and wealth. The fact that the Wall Street Bull is made of bronze speaks volumes about its symbolism and the folks that commission it.

Many of the Greatest Sculptors Worked With Bronze

If we go through the Encyclopaedia of Art, we will find that some of the greatest sculptors in the world have enjoyed creating with bronze. It’s even more fascinating that we are looking at great sculptors from practically every era.

The list is packed with names of artists such as Myron from ancient Greece, Renaissance artists such as Donatello and Benvenuto Cellini, 20-century sculptors like Henry Moore and Brancusi, and so on. The list is as long as it is impressive. Each of those artists has made a massive impact on the world with their bronze sculptures. Today, their work is valued in millions of dollars. 

From ancient Egypt and until the present day, there is no shortage of fantastic bronze sculptures.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to bronze sculptures, cleaning and maintenance is a pretty straightforward job. All it takes is standard dishwashing soap and wax to clean off any dust or dirt accumulated on the sculpture.

But then again, some patrons and artists prefer the green coating and allow the oxidization process to be completed uninterrupted. That way, the sculpture gets its recognizable antiquity appearance. 

Those are the two choices. There is no wrong or right choice, just a matter of taste. And as they said in ancient Rome “De gustibus non est disputandum” – when it comes to taste, that can’t be discussed/disputed.

In Conclusion

Yes, bronze sculptures can be amazing as they allow the artists to express their talent and craftsmanship fully. In fact, a bronze sculpture can last for thousands of years as bronze is one of the most durable, man-made materials. Then there is their symbolism and artistic value that will witness your legacy and mission.


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