We have lots of companies who are into selling YouTube channel to interested buyers. If you are looking to buy a YouTube channel anytime soon, then it’s important that you know exactly what you’re about to get into. This should be done so you can avoid falling into the hands of illegitimate sellers. In this short guide, we will answer some of the top questions that you can ask sellers while buying a YouTube channel.

Top questions to ask when buying a YouTube channel

First of all, you should understand that it’s legal to buy and sell a YouTube channel. As long as there’s an agreement between the two parties involved, the exchange can take place. This has been the norm for several years now. That said, Below are the key questions to ask anyone who’s selling their channel to you:

1. Is the channel monetized?

A monetized channel is one that’s able to generate an income when it’s in use. When evaluating a channel, this is something to always look out for. A lot of companies buying YouTube channels are always out for monetized ones as this is the only way that they can be able to make some money out of it.

To know a monetized channel, it must have gotten up to 1,000 subscribers and also attained 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. To get to this point, the former owner of the channel must have invested their time and energy into the growth.

2. How many subscribers are on the channel?

The amount of subscribers a channel has is something that you should have in mind when buying a YouTube channel. However, you mustn’t make it a top priority. This is because most YouTubers are fond of buying fake subscribers to increase their channel views. A trusted seller would help you find out which channel has authentic subscribers.

3. Does the YouTube channel have strikes

One of the things to steer clear of when purchasing a YouTube channel is strikes. This is because it is a large and probably the worst penalty that can be given to any channel on YouTube. Sometimes, the channel may get deleted in the long run so you have to ensure that you remain careful at all times. The major reason behind the strike on a YouTube channel most times results from copyright infringement. The strikes on a channel may not be permanent as they are capable of disappearing after 3 months. If you’re confused about anything, make sure that you have your seller look through the channel to confirm every doubt that you may have.

Final thoughts

If you got to this point, then it means that you already are aware of the questions to consider asking while buying a YouTube channel. Note that the cost of a channel depends on some of these factors. Whatever you do, do not forget to only have a transaction with a trusted YouTube channel seller.


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