As we all know, solar energy refers to the energy generated with the help of sun or you can say that the energy that is being emitted from sun is also known as solar energy.  These days, solar energy has been a great source for generating low cost energy not just for life forms but for the industrial usage as well. Since many of us has already started installing the solar energy panel at our home to contribute for the green eco environment but while installing most of us are still unsure that in what direction we should place the panels, either towards the regular south that is also known as magnetic south or the true solar south?

True Solar South
True Solar South

This piece of blog is going to be the final destination for all the answers to all your confusions and questions regarding how to place the solar panel and in what direction you shall place your solar panel to squeeze out the efficiency from them efficiently. To understand this theory correctly we first need to understand the core differences between the regular south and the true solar south and then decide that what to do and what’s the best direction for the panels?

What’s The Difference?

Magnetic south and true solar south are slightly different from one another and they can only be distinguished in a very simple scientific manner. Whenever you look at your compass it usually shows you the magnetic south because the compass is just pointing towards the south pole of the earth’s geomagnetic filed and it isn’t making it aligned with the direction of sun whereas in order to find the true solar south, in exactly noon, wherever a shadow of a vertical object is going towards south from north in fact, when the shadow is running from north to south that is actually the true solar south.

True Solar South
True Solar South

What Should Be Your Panel’s Direction?

This is for sure, you don’t need to concern about the magnetic south just be focused on finding the true south because the magnetic ones doesn’t matters here. The one that is more important is the true south i.e. the direction where the sun is. And as you know, that solar panels are only efficient when you utilize them properly so according to the facts this is the only way to utilize them at max.

How To Find The True Solar South?

There are multiple ways to find the true solar south but the most accurate and promising one is to find the magnetic declaration in your area. If you current magnetic declination is for e.g. 14° 33′ E and you need to find the true solar south direction for placing your panels and at this point your compass reading is about 180 degree your true solar south would be 194 degrees, place your solar in that direction. Congratulations, you have now successfully spotted the best direct to utilize your solar panels in the best manner to get the best results and efficiencies from it! J 

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