A troffer fixture is a rectangular light fixture that is designed to fit into modular dropped (recessed) ceiling board. Typically, troffer fixtures are designed to accommodate standard fluorescent lamps. However, troffer lightings are currently available in LED. This means that magnetic LED strips can be used for retrofitting (adding new technology and features to older systems) fluorescent troffer fixtures. For example, 4ft magnetic led strips are the most commonly used in the process of retrofitting fluorescent troffer fixtures. Therefore, magnetic LED light strips are eliminating the need for conventional fluorescent lights.

Why switch to magnetic LED light strips over fluorescent strips for troffer lighting?

1. Energy efficiency

LED lighting is always a solution for reducing the amount of electricity consumption. A traditional two by four-foot fluorescent troffer light can consume up to a hundred and sixty watts for every fixture. When the same installation is fitted with an LED light strip, the amount of energy that would be consumed would be between thirty to fifty watts. This, therefore, means that a magnetic LED strip retrofit reduces energy consumption by fifty up to eighty percent. 

2. Reduced cost of maintenance

LEDs cost relatively less in terms of maintenance owing to the way they operate and progress in functionality. The typical lifetime range of an LED strip is between fifty thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand hours. This can easily be converted into several years. Additionally, most LED strip dealers offer up to ten-year warranties. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED frequent turning does not negatively impact lights on and off hence the low costs of maintenance. 

3. Performance

When it comes to performance, LED lights are on a league of their own. The following aspects of performance make magnetic led strips stand out;

  • Light distribution
  • Wide range of correlated color temperature
  • High color rending index
  • The ability of the LED troffer fixtures to dim due to the presence of adjustable wattage drivers that allow the user to select the suitable level of brightness
  • Ability to chance operating conditions upon LED retrofit

4. Safety

LED magnetic retrofitting will also allow you to eliminate specific safety concerns. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury, which is hazardous. This is not the case with LED. 


Best magnetic led light strips for retrofitting fluorescent troffer fixtures

  • The best magnetic retrofit led light strip has to be easy to install. To this effect, an LED magnetic retrofit kit with a patent would be the best option. 
  • The best magnetic led light strips have a 1-10v dimming function to eliminate lighting waste.
  • Additionally, quality magnetic LED retrofits offer perfect lighting of up to 150 lumens per watt while using the least amount of energy.


To replace your fluorescent troffer light, you need to remove the traditional fluorescent bulbs and the ballast as well, then attach the magnetic retrofit using its magnetic features. The next step would be to connect power through a quick wiring connector and cover the fixture before restoring power. There are also battery-powered magnetic LED light strips that allow you to keep your fixture lit even when the power is out. 


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