Getting a 120v neon flex light seems like a great choice in this age and time. Whether you are using the light inside your home or outside, this lighting choice is versatile. If you are using it inside, it is bright enough to light up the place, but it does not also have an adverse effect on your eyes. If you’re using the light outside, the same Neon flex is versatile enough to show and light up the area you need. This versatile feature is what has led to its popularity globally. More people are gradually buying more Neon lights across the world, and it will not stop any time soon. In some cases, some people prefer to use Neon flex lights in place of the traditional glass option. These Neon strips are exceptionally handy when you want to use them for outdoor signage. However, all of these great features about a Neon light strip are limited to the quality of the Neon light you choose. If you end up buying a low-quality neon light because of the cheap price, you may not enjoy these qualities.

Also, the installation of these Neon lights is another thing you must know. If you want to enjoy neon lights, you should understand how to Install these lights. Luckily, installing Neon lights is not a complex process, as long as you have the right tools. If you do not have the tools, there will be little or no way you can successfully install the Neon lights well. However, installing Neon lights appropriately goes beyond just having the right tools. You need to know the right steps to take before each, so you can do it right. This guide is a full description of the whole process of installing a Neon light properly.

Get the right tools

Installing Neon flex is not a complex process. The only thing that can make the process complex is trying to install it without the right tools. When we say tools, we are not talking about the most complex tools. The tools needed for your Neon flex installation include, blades, Pliers, sealant, tubing, amongst others.

Cut the tube of the Neon flex

Already the Neon flex comes with different marks where you can cut it. These marks are there to work with whatever length you choose. So all you need to do is cut it where you want to make a connection. The tool you will use to cut the flex is the cutting blade.

Join the light to its connectors

There are two ends of a Neon flex. The female end and the male end. Both ends need to connect. But before you make this connection, you need to ensure the plastic becomes a bit malleable. What you can do in this case is to first use heat on that plastic area of maybe the female end before you make the connection.

Attach the pin connecting the light to its power source

There is a pin that connects your Neon flex to the power source. The next step is to attach this pin to the light and connect the light to its source. Do not turn on your power source immediately. First, check your connection correctly before you power on your device.


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