car roof tent

Rooftop tents have gained a massive following, especially among adventurers who travel overland. They offer a way to stay off the ground while also keeping you safe from predators, insects, and land critters. The convenience and ease of use of a majority of rooftop tent designs make them a must-have item in any serious camper’s inventory. Using a car roof top tent is as simple as attaching it to your car’s roof rack, after which you can make use of it instantly. Just extend the ladder, and you are good to go. In this write-up, let’s take a look at the advantages and problems of a car roof tent.

Factors to consider in rooftop tent selection

  • The size of your rooftop storage area – the rooftop storage area, should be ideally large enough to contain a rooftop tent and a cargo box. A lot of car roof tents these days have flexible layouts that let you attack bike racks and storage trays. Considering that many car roof tents weigh more than 100 pounds, it is always a good idea to check if your car can handle the extra weight.
  • Dynamic vs. Static loads – a tent mounted behind the truck’s cab under the roofline is useful in maintaining fuel consumption efficiency levels. An attachment to your roof rack is secure and needs no extra hardware. It is essential to confirm your car roof’s weight limit before you install a car roof tent. Dynamic loads are the maximum load that your car can comfortably carry while on the move. Static loads are the ones your car can handle while on the move.

Advantages of a car roof tent

  • Car roof tents allow you to camp anywhere – this can be in a campsite, a dirt track, parking lots, etc. You do not need to own a clean tent pad.
  • Robust construction – car roof tents are usually very sturdy, with durable pole materials and tent fabrics.
  • Ease of setup – car roof tents is designed for quick installation. You need to do up a few straps, open the canopy, and deploy it to enjoy a relaxing evening in the tent.
  • High levels of comfort – many car roof tents are very comfortable and come with a thick mattress.
  • Many car roof tents are off-ground, making them inaccessible to mud, floods, and ground critters.

Disadvantages of car root tents

  • It can be inconvenient to camp in one spot for a long time because you may need to drive to a convenience store or nearest shop. It is not easy to drive off once the tent is set up.
  • It might not be easy to place the tent on the roof or remove it if it weight a lot. This may require two healthy people to handle the activity.
  • Car roof tents cost more than the average ground tents (bivouac).
  • Most car roof tents have a noticeable effect on the road handling capabilities of your vehicle by affecting its center of gravity and fuel consumption.
  • Car roof tents extend pretty high above the car roof and are challenging to access by shorter users.


Car roof tents are all the rage among serious cross-country adventurers and outdoorsmen. Their ease of setup and convenience makes car roof tents a must-have item.


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