Football fans have a reason to rejoice with the chance of making real money out of their love for the game with FIFA 20 coins. Unfortunately, a quick search over the internet and you realize that there are virtually thousands of so-called agents offering to sell you the coins at a price. As expected, most of these are fake agencies set up to rip people out of their hard-earned money. Below are five tips that will help you get FIFA 20 Coins legitimately.

1. Complete Seasons Objectives to get FIFA 20 coins

The simplest way of getting cheap FIFA coins is through completing the various season objectives. For years, FIFA has offered daily targets you can like to get eligible for coins. FIFA 20 has made this much more accessible by providing a battle pass system that allows leveling up. Additionally, you need to complete various predetermined challenges and limited period challenges to get coins.

2. Get FIFA 20 Coins Using The Bronze Pack Method

For years now, many people have been continuously turning to buy the bronze pack as a low-risk investment method. The method includes investing in large packages of bronze and premium bronze at a reduced price like a wholesale outlet. After which you break up the coins and sell FIFA 20 coins at an individual cost at a slightly higher rate after accounting for taxes to make a tidy profit.

3. Snipe players to get FIFA 20 coins

FIFA 20 Coins

There is usually a lot of tension following the movement and the buying and selling of a player. Fortunately, this also applies to the buying and selling of players items in which you can make a price. Often, the player things disappear and reappear after a long hiatus sky-rocketing the cost. With a wise eye, you can predict and look for bargain deals, which should be lower than they are worth and then quickly purchase when they reappear and sell at a profit for cheap FIFA 20 coins.

4. Know When To Make An Investment To Get A Return On FIFA 20 Coins

Many people made a profit with the FIFA 19 coins smart investment choices. Likewise, you can use the same business practices by analyzing the best period to invest. Be on the lookout for seasonal promos, live SBCs, and prediction of players that might be in demand in the coming days and trade them in.

5. Choose to take the FIFA 20 coins in the Division Rivals

Being a consistent player and winner of games throughout the week and being able to finish in top ranks is another way of getting coins. Often, the rewards that you receive are usually in tradable coins, untradeable coins, and coins. As the tradable and untradeable pack can be unpredictable, play it safe by choosing the FIFA coins instead.


Though accruing FIFA 20 coins isn’t as easy as buying and selling of goods over the internet, it is still doable. Look out for avenues to legally buy FIFA 20 Coins. As most individuals claiming to buy and sell the coins at a reduced rate are only looking at making a quick profit, its best to avoid them. Overall, with a bit of patience and a keen eye, you will get more FIFA coins.  


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