When you are planning to get an Android TV box or smart TV, you need to understand how each product works so that you make the right choice. The two devices come with notable differences that might affect user experience. Some operations also appear to be similar, especially when it comes to the quality of content. With all considerations in place, you should purchase such devices from reputable sources. You will find the best products in the EVPAD Australia online store, and you will be guaranteed quality at a reasonable price. With that said, read on to learn everything about android TV boxes and smart TV to help you make a defined purchase decision.

Android TV box vs. smart TV: Overview

To understand the two devices, you should know how they work. Interpret a smart TV as a television connecting to the internet to provide various videos on demand from different platforms. They also have access to social media platforms and can surf through the internet. Smart TVs come with inbuilt applications and allow other apps to install.

On the other hand, an android TV box is capable of turning any TV set into a smart TV using the HDMI cable. The device comes with multiple capabilities that have by far surpassed smart TV. Besides running on the Android operating system, the TV box gives the option to install applications and stream games with other users over the internet.

Do you need an Android TV box if you have a smart TV?

Android TVs come in a variety depending on the manufacturer. On the other hand, innovative technology is integrated with the devices to offer a comprehensive entertainment experience. For instance, artificial intelligence is now part of the Android TV boxes giving users more entertainment at home.

On the other hand, smart TVs tend to run on a standard operating system that is relatively great but not as good as Android TV boxes. Nevertheless, most functionality on the start TV is similar to those installed on android TV boxes. If you don’t like the default operating system on your smart TV, you can opt for an android TV box to enjoy a new experience. Similarly, you may need to purchase an Android TV box for your outdated system.

Instead of purchasing a smart TV, an android TV would be a better option for connect to any TV set using an HDMI cable. You will be able to enjoy many apps and other pleasure viewing experiences that come with the Android TV box. If you must purchase a smart TV, ensure you check the most recent products with the best operating system.

The bottom line

When you opt for either an android TV box or a smart TV, you need to check into details to ensure you get the best from your preferred product. Beware that as much as android boxes are impressive, most functionalities require a connection to the internet. On the other hand, a smart TV can work primarily with channels even when there is no internet connection. However, you will be limited to basic functionalities on the smart TV with no internet connection. Therefore, be sure what you exactly want from different aspects to ensure you get the best experience with your preferred purchase device.


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