If you are a communication tech enthusiast or expert, then you likely work in different test environments. These environments could be noisy and, to a large extent, contain radiations that are harmful to your health. A shielded box is a tool that comes in handy in limiting electromagnetic ability and suppressing radiation interferences hence mitigating this kind of effect.

There is quite a variety of products that have been developed to this effect. Therefore it is of great help for you to be versatile with the types of cabinets that you are likely to meet along and how good they can serve the purpose; this article covers the main types of shielding boxes available on the market and their properties. Read on to know more about these unique products.

Manual Shielded Box/Cabinet

This is composed of a shielding box alongside with shielding filter interface and a radio frequency interface. This box has a good sealing structure that is strong to its purpose and is made by the metal process, making it the best. The best part of this cabinet is that it can be customized to your needs. It has up to 80dB shielding factor hence becoming one of the most effective cabinets as it is suitable for large wireless communication devices. These devices could be vehicle navigation products, RF shielding tests, EMC, and EMI, among others.

Pneumatic Shielded Boxes

With a good shielding sealing and strong structure, they are made by metal processes. One advantage that makes them best is that as an operator, you have reduced fatigue. This is achieved by having the pneumatic control box door switch, which greatly improves the test efficiency. It is suitable for you if you are using large wireless communication devices as it supports both RS232 serial communication command control and remote control. You should check on more properties of this cabinet on the manufacturer’s recommendations and details.

Electric Shielded Box/Cabinet

This cabinet is unique with its sophisticated design, which maximizes its ability to be robust compared to the rest of other cabinets. It provides you with the most stable environment for isolation in verifying the wireless device’s performance. What makes it best is that it saves the hassle of manual efforts in operating as it is controlled electrically and improves efficiency. It is best to test uncrewed aerial vehicles, smart homes, and automotive electronics, among other fields with large volumes of radiations and magnetic fields.

Other Types of Shielded Boxes 

There are also other types of cabinets that are based on their structures. These include;

The stacked shielded cabinet

The double opening screen door cabinets

Rack-type shielded box

The entire above shielded box have the same functionalities except that they have different structures. Be advised on what best design that works for you according to your needs. 

If you have large testing measurements, then the stacked and double door shielded boxes are the best for the job. There are numerous retailers and manufacturers that you can choose from. Make sure you give in the best-preferred measurements for the box that you need.


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