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With the rapid growth of popularity of CBD oil, it is no doubt that regulating its quality is challenging. Every day there is a new product derived from the hemp plant. It started with using CBD oil as an agent to good health, and today it’s used even in cosmetic.

But, as a consumer, it’s essential to identify the right two in one vaporizer or any other CBD cartridge. Consider the following factors when choosing the healthiest vaporizer.

  • Titanium Material

There is a difference between titanium and titanium alloy. Titanium is expensive, and some manufacturers avoid it because of ROI. Unfortunately, using an alloy that is not tested means you don’t know its effects.

If you’re investing in vaporizer ensure the material used to make the cartridge is of good quality. Ideally, ask for test results from the manufacturer. A titanium vape will have writing on it showing its grade.

  • Battery Temperature Control

Battery temperature influences the flavor of the CBD liquid. If you press the battery button, the temperatures heat the CBD oil into vapor which then moves from the heating chamber to mouthpiece. So, if you press the button for long, the flavor of the content will be altered.

Therefore, choose a pen vaporizer whose battery temperature control technology is ideal. Check the temperature estimation on the manual guide provided. It is essential to note; the temperature also affects the CBD vapor quality. If it is overheated, you’ll smoke more because you will not feel the effect in a short duration.

  • Shouldn’t Have Teflon Material

Teflon is a nonstick coating which is not ideal for cartridges. Unfortunately, if it’s used in the manufacturing part of the vape pen, it melts during the heating process. The fumes produced can cause Teflon flu. Therefore, if you’re concerned about your health, ensure you buy the healthiest vaporizer which (by the way) shouldn’t contain Polytetrafluoroethylene.

  • The Material Of The Atomizer

Different vape brand names manufacture their vape pens using unique materials. You’ll find some vape pen atomizer designed from titanium, ceramic, copper or quartz. A quartz atomizer yields massive vapor hits as compared to a copper atomizer. Also, an atomizer manufactured from quartz is the most efficient because it provides a smooth taste. On the other hand, a titanium atomizer gives an ideal flavor and taste of CBD oil.

  • Vape Pen Attachment
healthiest vaporizer

Copper is widely used to design vape attachments. It’s melting point is 1000 degree F, which is unlikely to be achieved when heating your CBD liquid. Unfortunately, the low-quality atomizer can exceedingly heat so that it produces dense vapor only to reach the melting temperature of copper.

 Also, if a person uses the battery in the wrong way, they can reach such high temperatures. Therefore, avoid copper vape pen attachment or use the battery as supposed to. Alternatively, buy the healthiest vaporizer with a stainless steel atomizer.

Take Away CBD oil is consumed to elevate pains and for other health reasons. It is therefore unfortunate to buy good quality CBD oil in a low-quality cartridge. The two has to go hand in hand in terms of high quality. Therefore, use the above tips when choosing the healthiest vaporizer.


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