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Buying a leaf blower is not as easy as going to the store and picking out the best looking model they got. This is a purchase that you have to think over. Leaf blowers are very versatile machines. They can be used to rake up dried leaves and they can also be used to clear snow. They also come in different types and styles. You definitely have to consider first your preferences and the scope of work you want to use the leaf blower on before choosing a type.

Gas leaf blowers

They are the most powerful type of leaf blower that you can get. They can clear your yard fast but they are also the noisiest. Users of this type of leaf blower should always wear ear protection. And you know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility. This type of model requires maintenance and fueling. This can be used for large areas. You can even use it in a park with no problem.

Corded electric leaf blowers

They are not as powerful as gas blowers but they are powerful enough to do big jobs. Although your movements will be limited by how long your extension cord is. They are less noisy than gas-powered leaf blowers too. They usually are designed for one-hand use. The power cords can also be a hassle especially if your yard has trees or other obstacles. Because of the need to be tethered to an outlet, this is best for smaller yards.

Cordless leaf blowers

This type of leaf blower allows you to move around freely and you can move easily because they are light-weight. The cordless leaf blowers are powered by rechargeable batteries so they offer less power and have a limited operation time (about an hour). Because of the limited operation time, this is best for smaller yards.

Backpack leaf blowers

This type of leaf blower usually costs more than handheld types because they offer comfort. You carry around the blower like a backpack, allowing you to transfer the weight to your shoulders. This type of models usually do not have the shred or vacuum features. This type of leaf blower can clear up large yards.

Wheeled leaf blowers

If you have a well-leveled property, you can get a wheeled leaf blower. They can compete with handheld gas leaf blowers in the power category. But you need a huge storage space for it as they are bulky in size and they are heavy. Some users also find it hard to push around especially if you have an uphill terrain.

You have to be vigilant when choosing a leaf blower. With this guide, it does not have to be such a confusing task. You can visit this to mull over your choices and help limit your options.

Remember, selecting the right leaf blower will depend on the size of your yard, the type of terrain you have, and your budget. If you need high power and you are dealing with large yards, you will be better off with gas-powered leaf blowers. If you have a small yard, you can use the electric leaf blowers – corded or cordless.


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