Place search suggestion is a relatively well-known feature and Huawei’s mobile service place search suggestion is taking this to a new level with the Huawei site kit. We all know how this feature works. A user starts typing in a search field and suggestions are offered by auto-completion. These features take into account some data, data already synced based on device location, previous search terms and the first characters typed in the search field.

What most people ponder now is how these suggestions are gathered and how they are updated. This we will explain as we exclusively explore the place search suggestion.

Huawei and Place Search Suggestions

The majority of the Search engine available provides this feature. However, Huawei has taken this to a new level capitalizing on its large global point of information in its database coupled with the fact that it accepts several languages. Huawei mobile services’ place search autocompletes the action as the user’s type and provides information like the region name, the street name, or the comprehensive street surrounding of location.

How are suggestions made with Place Search Suggestion?

Several factors are taken into consideration in the determination and process of autocompleting searches on Huawei Place Suggestion

· Suggestions based on searches

The suggestions that come from this feature is mostly fetched from the frequent searches of people. The algorithm considers what people search frequently, this ranks up to popularity which in turn is used to suggest terms when used.

· Suggestions based on region and Language

Suggestions are also provided based on location and language. Searches in a different location will not bring out the same suggestion. The country, state, or province as well as the language in that region can alter search suggestions.

· Duplicating and Spelling Corrections

Another dimension to this by spelling corrections. Mistakes while typing can prompt place search suggestions. For instance, a place recognized as two words, if misspelled as a single word with the whitespace character left out, the place suggestion will automatically change it to 2 countries including the whitespaces.

· Trends

Suggestions can also be made based on trends. Take a particular region or province that is trending probably for a particular event or popular occurrences, such region will normally come top on search suggestions.

These are a few of the algorithm incorporated into the place search suggestion.

Do Suggestions get removed?

Most people ponder if the suggestions get removed. People often imagine why search suggestions differ sometimes when they type in similar search terms. This can happen and it could be as a result of several things, few of the reasons include:

  • The search suggestion’s popularity has reduced
  • The content is not available in such an area or probably you’ve changed your location.
  • Some removals happen due to legally mandated issues and compulsory removal

Who uses the Place Search Feature?

Several people use the place search feature although it is common for logistics and planning operations. The demands for location-based services led to the implementation of the place search feature — a solution towards improving location detection and guide. With Huawei Sitekit, the implementation and usage of these location-based services are made easy and helps users effortlessly explore the results.

This solution covers over 200 countries and regions and has worked closely with some global brands to further improve the global development of the app features, more improvements are to be expected as HMS targets better results and location-based suggestions.


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