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Most companies providing water services make sure water reach you ready for use. The water is passed through multiple systems for removal of impurities. However, in some places, water may have a taste you dislike. In this case, you may need to use the best water filter for home. But, even if you buy your water filter, you will need the best water filter faucet. A faucet is a device used to regulate the flow of water. It is used to mix cold and hot water before releasing it for use. The following are steps you can follow to install a faucet water filter.

  • Drill the sink counter that will fit the faucet water filter

A water filter comes with its small faucet. You will need to drill through your sink to create a path through it. The hole should be 11/4′. If your sink is made of granite or ceramic, you can use an efficient method of drilling that won’t destroy your sink top. However, some sinks already have holes on it, so make sure before you drill a new hole you don’t have any available.

  • Shut the main water valve

Shutting the water will allow you to work efficiently as the water won’t be distracting. Additionally, if the water is running, you will not be able to fix the faucet water filter because you will need to fit the empty water line through the water filter.

  • Pass faucet filter through the hole on the sink

Through the hole on the sink, insert the end of the faucet filter. The part that remains on the sink will be used to regulate water. Under the sink, you have a line of the faucet water filter. Mostly it’s blue. This line carries water from the appliance to the faucet.

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  • Install the water filter

 You bought the best faucet water filter, right? Position it in place. You can fix it on the wall of the cabinet under the sink. The filter has one inlet and one outlet. Tightly fasten the two lines where required. The instructions to fix the lines differ depending on the manufacturer of the filter. But follow the instructions to the latter.

You can use flex lines instead of plastic tubing as they are available in most shops. The ‘in’ and ‘out’ sides are marked so you won’t have trouble fixing the thread. The water should come from the cold water line into the filter. Therefore, connect the flex line from the inside of the filter to the main shut out valve.

  • Open the main water valve

You remember the valve you shut before you started installing the water filter faucet? Now open it. It should allow water to flow through into the filter and out into the faucet. Allow the water to flow for some time before you close it. Adjust the fixing if need be.


After you have your water filter faucet running, you need to know that you will be replacing it. Manufacturers will advise on what interval to replace your water filter. Remember to always go through faucet water filter reviews before deciding on which to buy.


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