Having a PC battery that lasts for an all-day without any interruptions would be a dream come true since we all depend on technology and on our laptops. The easiest solution would be to just buy a new PC battery on websites, replace an old one but nowadays, laptops don’t even have a removable battery slot. However, there are some things you can do to prolong your PC battery life and ensure that your PC will have the best possible performance.

Why is it important to monitor the PC battery life?

People often wonder how to charge a laptop for long life or how to increase laptop battery capacity and it’s not always sure that these laptop battery charging tips are efficient. There are some tests you could perform in order to check your PC battery life, even on Windows. When you type in a powerful command, you can get a lot of information on your battery and a full report on its health. This is important because it might affect how well your laptop works overall.  

Performing this test lets you observe changes that happen in the battery which helps you learn how to keep a laptop battery healthy. Generally, this test can help you and teach you how to check laptop battery is working or not.  However, if you would like a full report on your PC battery life, you should go for some laptop charging software because they provide detailed reports on battery temperature and general conditions.

First steps to take to improve PC battery life

Having a good laptop battery life and tips on how to make a laptop battery last longer are all over the Internet, but there are a couple of things you can do to make improve PC battery life.

The first thing to do is to dim your screen since this can truly prolong your battery. You don’t need a lot of brightness since it isn’t healthy for your eyes as well. Furthermore, you can set your settings to ‘Balanced’ in order to get regular battery usage. If you go for ‘Best performance’, it will entirely drain your battery so try to avoid that if you want your PC battery life to remain healthy.

PC battery life and permanent charge

If you are wondering when to replace laptop battery then it means you are probably late with saving it. It is true that PC battery life with Lithium-Ion batteries are smart and can’t be overcharged. What even better, some laptop manufacturers don’t let batteries to be fully charged since this magically slows down the PC battery life degradation.

Additionally, having a spare battery is a must as well and there are plenty of websites and online stores where you can find new batteries for all laptops of high qualities as well. What’s important is that you buy the battery of the same size and power as your original battery as you can damage your laptop.

What’s more, in order to improve your PC battery life, you can switch to SDD since they work much faster and they are lighter. In addition, you can always switch off Wi-fi and Bluetooth in order to improve your battery’s lifespan.


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