custom packaging

The packaging is an important aspect of any business. Traditionally, this was only an issue for businesses that deal with tangible products. However, the service industry has also come up with creative ways of packaging their products even though they are not tangible. The e-commerce industry tends to be more focused on the issue of packing than others. This is mainly because e-commerce brands gain more clients and businesses through packaging. However, this can’t happen if each company and brand was using the same standard types of packages to ship products.

For this reason, custom packing was introduced. Companies like deepking have gone above and beyond to come up with the best custom packaging designs and ideas for different clients. In this post, we guide you on the hows of custom packing.

How to materialize the idea of custom packing for your business

  • Firstly, you would have to establish a design that will be incorporated into the packaging products. The design can include the logo of your company or brand, its name, and products. You can also choose to go for visual appeal and use images of your products. Studies have shown that most clients find branding designs that are minimalistic with bright colors to be the most appealing. At the same time, you have to come up with a design that is unique from the competition. This means that you would have to research what the competition is doing before coming up with your design.
  • Secondly, you would have to design a budget. The amount of money you set aside for this role depends on the type of design and the packaging you wish to use. It is also greatly influenced by the financial capabilities of the company. The overall goal is to make sure that the expenditure will align with the scope of your budget. Most companies look at custom packing as a marketing tool.
  • You also have to consider the types of packaging you would like to use. The main types are boxes, drawstring bags, standard shopping bags, and envelopes. The different types can be used for different products. That is if your brand deals with different products. However, if you deal with a single kind of product like a TV, you can have boxes as the main packaging form. However, you may also consider paper bags for the remotes and other items. The types of packaging items you choose will influence the design and the budget. You want a design that can fit in a large box and a small envelope and still maintain the same appearance.
  • You may also want to determine the dimensions of your products with the type of packaging and design. This factor is mostly influenced by product size, weight, and shape. Sometimes the color can also have an impact.


The cost of custom packing may be higher than the latter. However, the benefits of custom packing also outweigh those of the latter. It is especially beneficial to small businesses that are looking to get their name out there and gain popularity.


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