KN95 Mask

A kn95 face mask is just like n95 respirators. They only have a few small differences in specifications such as the maximum pressure it can withstand when someone breaths.

The mask helps to protect the wearer from inhaling viruses, bacteria, droplets, sprays, and splashes. They are said to filter 95% of small particles of at least 0.3 microns.

With the current coronavirus crisis, the kn95 face masks are now reserved for use in hospitals, medical professionals, and first responders.

However, for the face masks to be effective in preventing transmission of diseases, they must be used properly.

Here is how you can use a kn95 face mask.

Make Sure You Have No Facial Hair

Facial hair can prevent the mask from having a sealed fit. Shave off facial hair before you do the fit test.

Fit-Test First

The kn95 face mask must be fit-tested first to make sure it fits the wearer properly without leaving any spaces or to form a proper seal. The respirator should fit tightly to the face since its edges are designed to fit tightly around the mouth and nose.

The mask should form a tight seal such that there are no spaces through which air can pass. Without the tight seal, the face mask will not provide the intended protection.

These masks come in different sizes. There is large, medium, small and extra small so you should choose the one that perfectly fits your face.

You should do a seal check every time you put the mask on to make sure it is fitting tightly on your face. If it doesn’t fit, it can cause leakages and reduce its effectiveness.

KN95 Mask wearing

Wash Your Hands

Make sure your hands are clean before putting on the kn95 face mask. This is so that you don’t contaminate it. Wash your hands with soap and water and then dry them so that you don’t wet the mask when wearing it.

Put On the Mask

To put on the mask, hold it using the palm of your hand with straps facing the floor. Position the mask over your nose and mouth. Fit the nosepiece around your nose bridge while ensuring it fits snugly. The bottom should be under the chin.

While holding the mask tightly with one hand, put the top strap above the ears and the bottom strap below the ears.

The mask should fit tightly around the nose bridge. To ensure this, place your first two fingertips on each side of the nose clip and run them up and down. The face mask will mold along your nose bridge.

Only touch the edges and the outside of the mask to avoid contaminating it.

Test for Leaks

A kn95 face mask must fit tightly for it to be effective. To do a seal check, use both hands to cover the mask. Breathe in and then breathe out. If there is air blowing at the edges, then the mask is not tight and you need to readjust it or choose a smaller fit.

When you start using the mask, always clean your hands if you touch the outer part.

Remove the Mask

When removing the mask, do not touch the outer part. Pull the straps over your head. Start by removing the bottom strap and let it hang and then remove the top strap.

While holding the straps, discard the mask or put it in a clean bag or container. Do not touch the mask as it could be contaminated.


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