One way to make FIFA coins is through playing. Go through all 40 games in the FIFA Ultimate Teams Champions Weekend League and the Squad Battles, and you have earned a bunch of coins. 

That works and will bring you a good chunk of FIFA coins. But in practice, someone rarely has the time to play through all those games. Not to mention, you will need more to build a strong and competitive team.

Here is a list of strategies and tips that can potentially bring you a lot more FIFA coins. 

But, before we start diving into the specifics, know that the higher your FIFA coin balance, the better your chances of making even more FIFA coins. The point is, the strategies below are most effective when you have some balance to play with.

Anyways, here we go!

The single most effective strategy for growing your ever-important FIFA coin balance is Market Trading. That means buying players for a low price and selling them for as much as coins as possible. 

How to choose players for trading?

The trick here is to choose players from popular leagues, players that you’ve seen playing on TV or live. The fact that they play in a popular league means that other people know them as well. It also means that it will be easier for you to predict which striker or defender will be in demand in the upcoming week or month. 

If possible, try and work with just one group of players. That way, you can know how their price fluctuates throughout time, its lowest points, its highest points, and so on. Usually, there is a pattern to be identified. At first, it might not be obvious, but once you see it, the process will be almost on auto mode while you make a steady income of FIFA coins. 

Will this bring you the coin fortune you are dreaming of? Nope, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Consider the timing

Most people are slaves of habits and that’s something you can leverage to make FIFA coins. 

Most people try to improve their squads during the weekends or evenings. Even with the current pandemic when millions of people are stuck at home during the day, this is still a thing.

So, weekends and evenings are best for selling high. 

On the other hand, early morning or overnight seems to work best for identifying undervalued players and buying them for a low price. 

Consider the ‘59-minute’ method

This is about buying players that are vastly underrated and their asking price is ridiculously low. 

For this trick, you need to search for particular players from specific leagues with your price filter narrowed. That way, you can avoid going through pages and pages of players you don’t want to buy. 

Sometimes, you will come across no listings, but that’s alright as this is a game of patience. When the opportunity appears you will know it and you need to act immediately. 

So, be persistent, be vigilant, and don’t overthink – act fast!

Buy multiple copies of the same player

You can list as many as 100 items on your transfer list. Why not purchase many copies of one single player. You can even buy all the copies of that player and set your price when the demand catches up. 

This typically occurs when the SBCs for the individual leagues are released. Some of the clubs might have just a single spot left that they can use to complete the challenge.

In conclusion

There is always something else in the list of practical tips and strategies to improve your FIFA coin balance. But new approaches bring higher risk. 

If you want to stick with the proven tips and strategies, feel free to take advantage of our recommendations. Everything here is easy to follow and is proven to be effective in practice. 

How you will apply it is entirely up to you and your ambition.


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