MTP Cables

FSG Networks Limited is a leading manufacturer of a variety of high-quality products, the likes of MTP cables and their counterparts, MPO cables. The establishment is known for creating high performance and economical products for a variety of applications. In this write-up, we discuss the basics of MTP cables. 

Applications of MTP connectors

MTP connectors are good cable fiber connectors. MTP connectors are generally amassed with fiber-optic links. Thus, MTP/MPO fiber optic link is one of the most famous MTP fiber optic link connectors, which are currently being broadly utilized in a server farm to give snappy and dependable activity during signal transmission. MTP connectors can be found in the accompanying applications:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • CATV and Multimedia
  • Dynamic Device Interface
  • Reason establishments
  • Optical Switch inter-frame associations
  • Interconnection for O/E modules
  • Media transmission Networks

Difference between MTP and MPO connectors

The MPO connector is a connector with several fibers, that is characterized by IEC-61754-7, ‘Fiber optic interconnecting gadgets and latent segments. The MTP, on the other hand, is a registered trademark of US Conec. We can further clarify that MTP items are designed to meet the MPO standard. In this manner, the MTP connector is a type of MPO connector. The main difference between the two types of fiber cables is the fact that MTPs have more improved features than the latter.

MTP/MPO transformation cables are intended to give an increasingly adaptable high-thickness cabling framework. It can, to a great extent, increase the limit of the current 12-fiber and 24-fiber MTP/MPO connectors and is likewise a financially savvy answer for 40G/100G/120G connectors. Three existing MTP/MPO cable link types are fit for various systems administration situations. You can pick reasonable ones as per your present requests and future system movement placing.

Features of MTP cables

  • The MTP connector lodging is removable
  • The MTP connector offers ferrule signal to improve mechanical execution
  • The MTP connector utilizes firmly held resistance tempered steel direct pin tips with a curved shape
  • The MTP connector has a metal pin brace with highlights for focusing the push mechanism
  • The MTP connector spring configuration amplifies lace leeway for twelve fiber and multifiber strip applications to foresee fiber damages

Factors that led to the development of MTP cables

Before the MTP connector came to the market, it ordinarily took two installers an entire day to end and test 144 strands. With MTP connectors, installers could quickly interface 8 to 12 filaments one after another with the snap of an apparatus or utilizing a pre-terminated attachment and-play link, hence cutting a daylong activity to only a couple of hours.

Thus, to guarantee consistent connection, the MTP connector was the first MPO connector to be processing plant confirmed and pre-built to legitimate lengths for the link purposes. This implied less ability was required for the establishment, while future updates, increments, and changes to the organized cabling were significantly rearranged. Progressive at that point, these headways presented by the MTP connector, in the long run, turned into the business-standard.


MTP fiber cables are used for different applications in a variety of environments. For this reason, MTP cables are categorized in many types depending on the applications.


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