Promotional product campaigns are happening every day, from big businesses to small brands, people use custom gifts to advertise their companies. What items do companies usually use for promoting their business? Different companies may have different choices, which generally depends on the budget and its business scope. Nowadays, the custom water bottle is on-trend and becomes the most popular promotional item especially for those companies with a higher budget.

How can custom water bottles promote business?

Most bottles feature enough space for a logo imprint, so the advantage of using custom water bottles as a promotional item is the free space to broadcast your brand, it just like the lunch box, many lunch box from china without logo, and have enough space for a logo imprint. If people receive a custom water bottle as a giveaway at an event, they will keep the bottle next to them and use it from time to time. The highlight brand name and logo on the bottle surface will remind them of the company and leave a strong impression. They may even take the custom water bottle back to home, school, or their companies, so the branded name and logo will further spread. That’s why the custom water bottle is the most popular promotional product today.

What custom water bottles should I choose?

Using custom water bottles as a marketing strategy isn’t as simple as it seems. Custom water bottles are available in hundreds of styles and materials, not to mention a range of price lists. It is important to remember that each style has its own usage. There are three main materials that custom water bottle is the most commonly made of: plastic, glass and stainless steel. Plastic water bottles are the least costly, which are cost-effective for companies with limited budget and for large events like a welcome day. Glass water bottle is the most expensive, perfect for well-funded companies who want to leave a superior image to their target customers. While a stainless steel water bottle is the most cost-effective which can last long and is highly resistant to rust and dirt.

What companies are good at producing custom water bottles?

The answer is Golmate. Golamte is a leading drinkware and kitchenware supplier with over 20-year history. Established in 2001, it dedicates in producing premium custom products to satisfy global consumers, including custom water bottles, vacuum jugs, mugs, thermal cups, tumblers, food jars, airpots and food containers.

It has two factories, one is in Guangzhou and the other is in Ningbo and the production capacity can reach 5 million pieces each year. It supports gas printing, silk printing, laser, heat printing, water transfer printing, powder printing and others.

Golmate always cooperate with excellent designers who have years of experience throughout the world. Its design team will help you create the most wanted product for your business. Firstly, they will confirm design needs with consumers then converted into a 3D painting. Before the sample is made, the drawing will be sent to customers to check, then adjusts the details until their clients are satisfied.

Now, Golmate has launched a new Nature Series to practice the sustainable development. Most of the products are made of degradable bamboo and stainless steel. And the liner is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel and food-grade glass protecting you from BPA leakage.


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