They are many pieces of interesting machinery in the construction industry. At every point in time, there is one piece of machinery that is being frequently used. While some pieces of machinery are always in demand because there’s always a need for them. These machineries often considered hot products are mostly used for repair and maintenance purposes.

As asphalt crack filler machine manufacturers, JIEHE is always aware of what and what is majorly used for such repairs and renovations. At JIEHE machinery, these type of machines is referred to as “hot products”.

These hot products are always being used because at every point in time there is always something to fix or something to repair. The maintenance, repair, or even modification mentioned in this article refer to floors and roads. So wherever any of these terms should be used, we are referring to roads of floors.

It is next to impossible that there will be no road or floor either concrete, cement, or asphalt that will need fixing close to your locality or your residence. This is where these hot machines come into play.

 Top Ranking Hot Products by JIEHE

  1. The first machine in the list of hot products is the walk-behind saw. Not just any model of the work behind saw, but the 400mm/ 16″ walk-behind saw. The specific model name by JIEHE is JHD – 400. This particular machine is petrol-powered. Also it caught up to a depth of 175 mm (7)”. The Machine weighs as much as 112kg (equivalent to 247Lb). This model is particularly suited to cutting done to lay pipes, cables, or expanding joints.
  1. The second machine in this list is the walk-behind saw. Particularly the 450mm / 18-inch the walk-behind saw. This is just a different model of the above-mentioned hot product. This model is JHD-450k. With a horsepower of about 14 HP, this model is equally petrol-powered. The model has a lot of other interesting features such as a water tank available for dust suppression. Also, it has a cutting depth as deep as 6 inches. Additionally, the model has an activation handle that is adjustable to make operation more comfortable. Also, as a result of the poly V-belt, productivity is maximized as there is Optimum Power Transmission.
  1. Crack sealing machine. Specifically the 100L crack sealing machine. Known as the JHG-100, it has a horsepower of 2.2Kw. It has an automatic, computer-controlled temperature control system. This particular model is your best bet if you plan to carry out is ceiling Project.
  1. Last but not least is the walk-behind scarifier. The specific model is JHE-200D. The model has a 200mm/ 8″ area of effect. This means that it has a width of cut of 200mm (8)”; and a depth of cut of o-5mm (1/5)”. Running on 5.5HP, with a double bearing design and shockproof handles, this machine was designed to be easily maneuverable.


This list is continually changing. But for this year (2020), these are the top hot products listed out by JIEHE. So if you require any of the products on this list, now you know where to find reliable, trustworthy, and satisfactory models.


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