As Christmas draws near, most of us are getting ready to go on a well-deserved holiday. While packing your bag for the trip, don’t forget to take along your Christmas travel journal. A journal is one of the travel packing essentials you need this Christmas. In this post, we will educate you about the advantages of a holiday travel journal.

Reasons you need a travel journal this Christmas

A journal is a notebook (know more) where you scribble down memorable events. Even though we have phones, laptops, and tablets these days, there is this satisfaction we derive from writing. 

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays each year. As you plan to travel for the holidays, your Christmas travel journal should be your companion. 

People celebrate Christmas in different ways and you need to record your observations in your holiday travel journal. This is why most people add journals to their list of travel package essentials.

You might wonder why you need to carry a journal around. It is extra luggage, we know, yet it could be your only reminder of the beautiful memories you’re about to create. Let’s look at the benefits of travel journals bring to the table.


Helps to keep the mind and provides focus

You have been busy from January to the first few weeks of December. Your mind is probably overworked and needs some calm. With this calm, you are able to focus and prepare for the New Year.

This is one of the reasons we go on holiday in the first place. A Christmas travel journal can be a perfect way to unwind and attain the much-needed calm.

Just so you know, writing with pen and paper is proven to create a soothing effect on the mind. It is one of the best ways to relax while making new memories. No wonder most people who understand this have added a journal to their list of travel packing essentials.

As you untangle your mind from the fetters of the year’s work, you gain focus. A holiday travel journal will come in handy at this time to record new-found inspiration. These new ideas will be instrumental in shaping your New Year.

By the end of the holidays, you are refreshed, calm, and focused, ready for a new work year. Taking a journal along is a decision you won’t regret.


Writing is easy and can be done anywhere

Let’s assume you picked your laptop instead of a notebook. Laptops are great but cumbersome to move around compared to notebooks. They also need the power to function. This is besides the fact that you cannot pull out your PC anywhere just because you want to write.

A pen and a notebook, on the other hand, are not even luggage. You carry them around without thought and don’t need to bother about recharging. 

Now, don’t you just love that? You just need to flip the cover of your notebook, pick your pen, and put down your thoughts. It’s that simple and can be done anywhere without restrictions. 

As you step out each day to bask in the euphoria of the season, put your pen and notepad in your bag. Once you see something you want to make a memory of, pick them and write.


Use your Christmas travel journal to boost your memory

Here is a simple question for you to answer. What ideas do you have the most vivid memory of? Of course, the ones you committed to paper using your pen.

Science has proven that your mind will remember things you write down better. Do you see why you cannot neglect your Christmas travel journal? 

Even though you are on holiday and should be resting, ideas will come. In fact, expect some of your best ideas this year to come at this time. Wouldn’t it be painful to have such amazing ideas only to lose their essence soon? 

This is why your holiday travel journal should be among your travel packing essentials. It will help you record these ideas as they come. Definitely a great way to prepare for the New Year.


Squeezes out your creative juices

Let’s try another simple activity. Pick up one of your old favorite ideas that you only thought about. Now, start to write about it in a book. Within a few minutes, you would be surprised at how you have expanded that idea.

The doodles, cancellation, flow charts, and words you bring together result from a creative rush. A rush that science says comes with writing things down. 

As a matter of fact, the more you write, the more brain activity is experienced. Your neurons begin to fire up, literally, your mind is shooting fireworks of ideas. Writing spurs creativity that improves your productivity levels.

What better time to write down and expand these ideas than when you are free from work? Ideas will definitely be in unlimited supply, writing them down will take them beyond the threshold of thoughts.


The Christmas travel journal helps to organize your holiday

Even if you don’t plan to produce any new ideas, a holiday travel journal is still important. There is a tendency to waste a lot of time during the holidays. At the end of the day, you find out you haven’t visited the places or done the things you wanted to.

With a journal, you can plan each day of your trip efficiently. Simply draw out a to-do list stating what you will do each day. This way, you are committed to a cause and accountable to it. 

By the way, you can also use this time to plan the New Year and how you want to work. All you need to do is set goals and objectives then draw up a workable line of action to achieve them.


A Christmas travel journal is indispensable from your list of travel packing essentials. As you plan your Christmas holidays, take a journal and pen along to record your new memories and ideas. Share your thoughts with Zigpac in the comments section.


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