There are various interesting facets of the latest SuperBox TV Box series. Starting from the awesome features subscribing to the SuperBox TV Boxes possess to the cost of the subscription. The cost of a subscription is one of the most loved aspects of the SuperBox TV Box series.

In today’s television entertainment world where cable television seems to pose an inconvenience by way of monthly subscriptions, the latest SuperBox TV Box series is ideal. These boxes still retain SuperBox’s reputation as the best cheap android TV box.

The SuperBox TV Box series has gained more popularity in recent times and this is not simply a coincidence. There is a well-placed rationale behind this rapid increase in the number of subscribers to the SuperBox TV Box series. We have been mentioning the latest SuperBox TV Box series because this particular article would be shedding some light on the peculiarities of the various models of the best cheap android TV boxes today.

Current Statistics of the latest SuperBox TV Boxes- Subscribers and Shows

The SuperBox TV Box series could be considered as one of the revolutionaries of the television entertainment industry for the coming decade. These models are so wonderful that so far, more than 30000 subscribers have joined the SuperBox community. However, you might wonder what it is that makes these boxes so special.

This article will be focusing on the SuperBox latest models. As well as what makes each of them exceptional and different from one another. Also, an interesting fact about the SuperBox latest models will be revealed. These models are worth whatever amount you pay for them. Note that they are currently more than 1000 channels being aired.

However, the SuperBox latest models are so cheap compared to cable TV subscriptions that some people still feel the whole package might be illegal. Rest assured, SuperBox subscriptions are completely legal. During the year 2020, two new SuperBox models took the TV entertainment industry by storm.

The Latest SuperBox TV Boxes- 2020 Models

Two latest SuperBox TV boxes bring joy to those who use them. They are:

  1. The SuperBox S1 Pro
  2. The SuperBox S1 Plus

These two are the trendiest models for the year 2020. In 2019, the SuperBox S1 was a hit. If you have not upgraded, you need to consider doing that. If you are not using SuperBox at all, you are missing out.

Latest SuperBox TV Boxes- Features of the SuperBox S1 Pro

  1. Capable of supporting 2.5G/5G Wi-Fi connection.
  2. It operates on an android 7.0 Nougat OS.
  • It possesses internal storage of 16GB eMMC.
  1. It runs smoothly on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor.
  2. Costs about 299 US Dollars.

Latest SuperBox TV Boxes- Features of the SuperBox S1 Plus

  1. It possesses a high HDMI resolution of Ultra HD 6K.
  2. About its Wi-Fi connectivity is supports a dual-band Wi-Fi with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac specs.
  • Costs 399 US Dollars

The features are so few because these are just a few of its unique features. It shares most other general features with the SuperBox S1 Pro.


Did you know that SuperBox is currently offering free 72 hours of trial periods? If you are still having doubts, this is the perfect opportunity to clear those doubts.

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