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The term “sourcing agent” is familiar to people looking for suppliers in other countries, especially China. In lame man’s language, a sourcing agent is a shortcut to finding the ideal supplier. A sourcing agent acts as a third party that people or businesses hire to help them find reliable and high-quality suppliers in their native country. Companies look towards sourcing agents because they speak the language of the suppliers and are more familiar with their customs. The sourcing agents, therefore, liaise with the suppliers, visit the factories and carry out an onsite verification on behalf of their clients. 1688. com is a servi9ce provided by the Leeline sourcing company. Below, we look at how to buy from 1688.com.

Understanding 1688.com

1688. com is a service provided by the Leeline Sourcing company. Leeline is the leading sourcing company in China. The company helps businesses and individuals that are not on Chinese nativity find factories to work with. The company also helps clients get competitive prices and the best services in the market. 

Why choose a 1688 agent

  • The fact that this is one of the biggest online trading platforms in the globe makes it easy for clients to get a variety of choices. This means that clients are spoilt for choices. This also means that clients can find what they are looking for in a range of price rates and qualities.
  • Using a 1688 agent allows clients to have direct communication with the manufacturers. This helps to eliminate the added costs of using an intermediary. It also helps to reduce other issues such as miscommunication of instructions that may arise from using a go-between. 
  • This is a significant global platform that allows for complete safety. This means that the quality of the services and the products is guaranteed. 
Leeline Sourcing

How 1688.com works

Using the online platform, clients can research the services or the product that they are looking to get. There are several options that the platform will highlight for the user. This allows the user to run a comparison between options before choosing the best deal. Once the user has the best deal, he or she can make an order. In case of any challenges, the platform allows the users to seek advice directly from Leeline Sourcing. 

The 1688.com platform also allows the users to check on the quality of products manufactured. This means that in case the condition does not meet the standards agreed upon when making the deal, Leeline Sourcing gets to pronounce the order invalid. This means that the client gets to create a new order. This element seeks to ensure that manufacturers produce high-quality products. Manufacturers with a reputation for good quality get a trust pass. This is a verification that clients get to see when sourcing for the best manufacturers to work with. 

Take Away

For better services and elimination of misunderstandings, clients are asked to settle the terms of return and exchange with the suppliers. This helps to put things in order and make the agreement’s official in case there are any issues. 

Leeline Sourcing


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