The vacuum cleaner was invented several years ago. It has since then become a common element of the modern household. It is nearly impossible for you to walk into a home that does not own a vacuum cleaner. The motive behind its popularity is because it is a very convenient way of cleaning up the house, office or any other room. It also makes work more comfortable. There are two main types of vacuum cleaners in the market. These are the upright vacuum and the stick vacuum. The upright vacuum has been in the market since the invention of the vacuum cleaner. However, the stick vacuum cleaner is a relatively new invention that is taking over the market. In this post, we discuss the INSE corded stick vacuum cleaner in the market.

stick vacuum cleaner

The INSE stick vacuum cleaner

This is a corded stick vacuum cleaner manufactured by INSE. It is one of the top-selling stick vacuums in the market. 

Features of the INSE stick vacuum cleaner

  • Suction Power

The INSE stick vacuum features a 600W power suction. This amount of power facilitates the advanced multi-cyclonic system of filtration. This system is responsible for expertly spinning dust away from the motor and keeping the suction as secure as can be. Keeping dust away from the engine also encourages a longer life span of the engine and the machine in general. It also helps improve and maintain its functionality over a long time. 

  • Functionality

This is a very efficient vacuum cleaner that can clean dust and dirt of different forms of surfaces. It can be used to clean hard to reach areas like the crevices of couches and sofas, stairs, ceilings, and the interiors of cars among other surfaces. It can also be used for standard purposes like cleaning floors and other open surfaces. The fact that it is durable also adds to its functionality and its popularity as well. 

  • The body
stick vacuum cleaner

The INSE corded stick vacuum features a lightweight main body and an overall weight of merely 4.7 pounds. This makes it easy to use. Its main body consists of three versatile attachments. This means that the vacuum cleaner can easily be converted to a hand vacuum cleaner. The body also features a 1L dust cup. The cup is straightforward to empty with its empty button.

The capacity also allows for extended cleaning purposes. The cord of the stick vacuum features a cord wrap and a hook for secure storage. Additionally, the stick vacuum features a retractable stick and a 2-in1 brush. The fact that the entire machine features a compact size also makes it easy to store in different places, including your closet. 

Bottom Line

Like other vacuum cleaners, the INSE corded stick vacuum features a filtration system with washable structural cylinder features. These filters, alongside the sponge filters, help keep the machine in a top functioning state. It also helps to keep the vacuum from blockage hence ensuring the durability of the vacuum. Additionally, this product is available for sale on sites like Amazon and other physical retail stores at affordable costs. 



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