Lolita dress

There is a common misconception that to be a Lolita girl, you have to choose cute little flowery dresses to ace the look. Unfortunately, this cannot be further from the truth as Lolita fashion has a set of guidelines that you need to stick to look great. Whether you choose to be a Punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, or classic Lolita, there are a few rules you should keep in mind.  Below are five tips and tricks that are sure to save you when choosing a Lolita dress.

Don’t Mistake Lolita Fashion for More Lace

Ideally, the Lolita subculture is an intrinsic subculture with a lot of rules and guidelines. However, one element that seems to be universal with every type of dress choice, whether its classic Lolita, punk Lolita or gothic Lolita, is that it uses a lot of frills and lace. As the pattern, length and overall designs play a part, don’t make the mistake of defining Lolita fashion as simply more lace.

Use The Corset In Lolita Fashion Properly

To accentuate the illusion of a small waist, many designs in the world today use the corset design as a decoration. Often, this is when the corset design covers the whole front bodice. However, when it comes to Gothic fashion, specifically the gothic maid dress, steer clear from such dramatic effects as it looks cheap. Instead, select a design that covers a small section and has a practical use.

Lolita Fashion Means High Quality

When you are just starting, chances are you have no idea what style suits you best. To discover this, you may be forced to try out various styles before settling on one. Unfortunately, Lolita clothes do not come cheap. As this can quickly bankrupt you, why not choose the basics that can transcend from one style to another. Doing so allows you to make a worthwhile investment while saving you money.

Lolita Fashion Means Proper Coordination

Though Lolita style fashion aims to portray an innocent, childlike innocence through clothes. But, Lolita fashion does not mean wearing children’s clothes. Ideally, as many children’s clothing will have the same guiding principle, there is a lot more to it that caters it to a mature audience. To get it right and avoid falling into the trap of wearing childlike clothes, learn proper coordination of clothing designs, colors, and makeup. As you mix and match your outfits, ensure you don’t go overboard, especially in the use of various colors, as you can end up looking like a clown.

Modesty is Key in Lolita Fashion

When you delve into Lolita fashion, one key element to remember is that Lolita fashion revolves around decency. Ideally, Lolita fashion as a whole revolves around the pattern, shape, and length of a Lolita dress. When selecting dress pieces, avoid choosing clothes that show too much skin. As expected, this means that the skirt should be at about knee length or longer, no exposed shoulders, no exposed backs, and above all, no exposed cleavage.


Though choosing high-quality clothes are essential in looking great, if you are a beginner, chances are you have no idea what Lolita fashion style fits your takes. For this reason, try out various design elements before investing in an expensive Lolita dress to avoid losing money. Take time and don’t feel pressured to conform to something that you are not comfortable with for a fulfilling experience.


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