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Today, instruments designed to perform mathematical calculations, calculators, are mainly of an electric type (have a look at samples at OnlineCalculators). However, this was not always the case, as calculators used in the past were mainly mechanical. The creation of the Internet brought with it numerous advantages, including the creation of calculators hosted entirely online; you don’t need physical access to online calculators to be able to use them. These online calculators are programs designed to carry out most types of mathematical calculations and are used for work, personal calculations, and school work for students. Using these free tools, one can solve simple math equations, as well as calculate the amount of interest due on a loan at current bank lending rates. Project managers can also quickly apply online calculators in tabulating the cost of utilities and works. Let’s focus on myths associated with online calculator usage.

Myths associated with online calculator usage

  • The too-lazy-to-solve-computations myth

According to this myth, a majority of students resort to online calculators and even regular handheld calculators because they are too lazy to carry out all the necessary computations by hand. However, when it comes to the world of mathematics, the real challenge lies in the understanding of the problem and how one should go about deriving a viable solution. Responsible math students also strive to learn when and why certain answers make sense, and calculators eliminate the students’ time wastage in tedious calculations, allowing them to focus on the real crux of the problem.

  • The “students don’t need calculators because we didn’t have them and we’re fine” myth

In many ways, older individuals who did not use calculators for any of their schoolwork feel that the younger generations also do not require calculators to perform well in class. The older folks also say they prefer the pencil and paper technique despite it involving copious amounts of tedious tasks. However, the use of technology, such as calculators, enables students to work in much more complex areas of math compared to their previous counterparts.

  • The “students will become dependent on calculators” myth

Here, despite the apparent importance of knowing how to put down a problem using pencil and paper, it is also necessary to appreciate the high-level accuracy and efficiency that online calculators bring to the game. After all, nothing will ever replace a real student’s ability to read a problem, understand it, and then use tools like calculators to solve it.

Advantages of online calculators

  • Convenience

As long as you have internet connectivity, you can quickly and easily access online calculators and solve complicated problems anywhere, any time.

  • Ease of use

Online calculators are specifically designed to be easy to use as well as reliable. As long as you can be able to use a regular handheld calculator correctly, you can use an online tool as well.

  • Ability to perform all kinds of calculations

Using online calculators, you can solve problems from diverse backgrounds, including insurance payments, house loans, income tax benefits, financial problems, IRS interest, heat index, auto lease payment balances, etc.


Calculators are a terrific invention and promote the steady evolution of mathematical problem-solving by pushing it towards more complex domains. In these domains, tools like online calculators can solve mathematical problems much more efficiently than human can.


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