Plus-size women love their curves. They love the shape their size gives them, but its one thing to love your curves and another thing to find clothes that accentuate those curves. Plus-size women often find it hard to get clothes that show off their beautiful shape and make them look stylish.

These women are often advised to wear any kind of maxi dress. There are several wholesale plus size maxi dresses in stores these days, so it’s hard to make a pick. But sometimes, general advice doesn’t suit everyone. There are different plus-size body shapes that people don’t consider seriously…

In this article, we’re going to look at how plus-size women should dress according to their body shape.

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Different body shapes for plus-size women

These body shapes apply to all women, but we’re going to recommend dressing styles for only plus-size women. 3 main body shapes apply to plus-size women. Here they are:

1. Pear body shape

These women have narrow shoulders. They have curvy thighs and hips. Their buttocks are also massive. In essence, their lower body is larger than their upper body. This is the commonest shape for most women, so they have to dress well to accentuate the right parts. This body shape is also known as the triangular frame.

Women with pear body shape should wear more peplum, boat-neck, cowl-neck, and V-neck tops. They should also wear boot cut, straight, high-waisted, and slim-straight trousers.

They should also consider their dresses because these accentuate their shape better. Fit-and-flare. Wrap, off-the-shoulder, and A-line dresses are perfect choices.

2. Apple body shape

These women have an aligned body shape. They are fuller in the middle region with very full breasts. They also don’t have a well-defined waist because of their shape, although it’s thicker. The hips are also slender.

Women with apple body shape love their hips and legs, but they’re very picky with the kind of clothes they wear because of their stomach. Most of them have protruding stomachs either through poor lifestyle habits, genetics, or childbirth. This is even truer for plus-size women.

The best clothes for these women are dresses that hover over the midsection. They shouldn’t cling to their body. Bias cut lines, A-line dresses, and empire cuts are perfect fits.

3. Diamond body shape

These women have broader shoulders. Their shoulders are wider than their hips. They also have small breasts and slender limbs. People with this body shape have to look for clothes that outline their upper torso and accentuate their waist.

They should look for clothes that emphasize the waist and balance the silhouette. The clothes should also show off the legs. Furthermore, monochrome colors look so good on them.

Should we talk about dresses? A-line, belted, and princess-cut dresses are the best dress styles for this body shape. This is because they give a balance between the hips and the shoulders. You should also consider flowing and soft elegant fabric with hips.


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