A retractable garden hose reel is a device used to store garden hose reels. In addition to storage, the device also allows for effortless use of garden hose reels. The product can be applied in industries, gardens, and homes for a wide range of purposes. Retractable garden hose reels are usually expensive. However, platforms like GirraffeTools.com offer incredible deals on the best products. Click here to take advantage of these offers; go deal. Before purchasing garden hose reels, you may want to understand their anatomy. In this post, we break down the retractable garden hose reel anatomy.

Components of a retractable garden hose reel

A retractable garden hose reel is made up of various components. The components work together to ensure the perfect performance of the product. Below are some of these components;

  • Mounting brackets– these are the parts used to mount the product on the wall or floor. The mounting brackets are usually fastened using screws to ensure they stay in place.
  • Buffer– This is the retractable garden hose reel component used to pull or extend the hose. The buffers are a hose release mechanism providing leverage for the process.
  • The outlet– also known as a mouth, outlet is the part from where the garden hose is extended from the reel.
  • The lock mechanism– this is the part of the garden hose used to keep the garden hose from retracting further than the length you need. You have to activate the lock mechanism when you need it. When you are done using the product, you can disable it to allow the hose to retract automatically.
  • The retracting mechanism– this component helps rewind the garden hose into the hose after use. The mechanism is usually rechargeable. The best retractable garden hose reels in the market have stable retractable systems. They ensure easy and effortless rewinding without any kinking of the water hose.
  • The trigger guns– these components help you eliminate the water from the garden hose once you have finished using it. Eliminating the excess water prevents it from freezing and causing significant damages to the entire system. They work by adjusting the pressure of the water inside the garden hose. Depending on the design, the trigger guns can also be used to adjust the spray pattern of the water.
  • The nozzle– this is the part from which the water comes. Retractable garden hoses can have more than one nozzle mode. For instance, the GirraffeTools Heavyduty Retractable Garden Hose reel comes with a 9-mode nozzle. This is a single nozzle with nine watering modes.
  • The wheel– this is the part where the garden hose is stored. It usually comes in a wide range of sizes. The size of the wheel influences the size of the garden hose that it can accommodate.
  • The casing– this is the component that houses all other components of the hose reel. The material of the retractable garden hose reel casing usually affects its quality and durability.


Note that the parts of a retractable garden hose reel can differ from one brand or design to the next. The components and their performance usually influence the overall quality of the retractable garden hose reel. Therefore, when choosing the best product, you must consider each of the components mentioned above, their performance, material, and quality.


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