Gold is used to make ornaments and several other items in the world. The ore is highly upheld for its symbolic status and prosperity. Given that it is luxurious too, the highly desired metal is a hallmark of great content. But you first need to test it before use. This blog post reveals the basics of a gold testing machine and why it is essential to test the ore.

Significant gold properties to know

Before you test gold, you need to understand that the ore is long-lasting because of the following reasons:

  • It does not rust
  • It conducts heat
  • It is malleable
  • It is ductile
  • It is not magnetic
  • It is highly sectile.

Given that gold is, in fact sectile, you should allow it with various metals before casting. The alloys used should be measured using the Karat system. Therefore, one Karat unit should roughly be equal to half of the pure gold found in the allow. The millesimal purity should be indicated on the parts of the alloy. They also need to be genuine.

Using the testing machine

One of the harmless accurate testing methods is by using the Thermo XRF Gold Analyzer machine. The gold testing machine gives accurate results. A gold testing machine is an instrument that uses an X-ray to provide you with reading regarding the gold’s purity.

Because of the precision results it gives, agencies have adopted X-ray analysis to help in the certification process. Using this technique, you can determine a precise percentage of gold coupled with some elements of composition.

The machine is one non-destructive way of testing gold and determining its actual composition. It is also a way of finding out if it is ideal for solid and powdered samples. That said, there are several models of gold testing machines. Some are portable, while others are industrial grade machines.

Additional details on purity and tests

The simplest way to test for gold is by magnifying it with a glass. Inspect the bar of gold for the following visual clues:

  • Discoloration
  • Color

Then there is the second step of the gold making process- the hallmark test. In this phase, you might need to use a magnifying lens. The markings should show the purity of that gold bar. When selling jewelry, it may be accompanied by the stamp of the manufacturer.

On that note, you need to be aware of hallmarks such as HGE, GEP, and HGP. These are the common ones, and they imply that the gold item is highly plated. You can avoid fake karats such as the 800 and 925 marks. These are known to be silver hallmarks.

Over and above, the hallmark test may not be entirely accurate. Therefore, it can be used only to check and identify if the gold is genuine. If the item has been marked as gold, then you should proceed with the final testing. That is, if you still doubt the originality of the gold, you can put it to test by accessing its value further.

The float tests

Afloat test is an additional method you can use to test gold. Put the bar in water. Because of the gold’s high density, pure gold will sink to the bottom of the cup. A bar of fake gold will, however, hover around or float in the cup. If the piece discolors, it is fake.

Final Thoughts

The easiest method of testing gold is by tasking a professional appraiser. The team uses digital gold testers to analyze the composition of gold and provide you with accurate results. Being experts, the team should provide you with details regarding the gold bars.


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