Trimmed nails speak of a dog in good health and a well-groomed dog. Squeamish owners are repulsed by the idea of trimming their dog’s nails, whereas many others are comfortable with doing this essential part of dog grooming.

Dog nail trimming is a somewhat straightforward and simple procedure. Assumingly it is done properly and using a decent toe nail grinder

Here’s what every dog owner should know about dog nail trimming, along with some pretty practical tips and tricks on how to make it a less stressful experience. The thing is, some dogs will quietly sit on your lap while you trim their nails, while others will be reluctant and won’t stand still without some restraint. 

The sooner you start trimming your dog nails, the better, especially if it is a small puppy. That way, the puppy will get used to it, and it won’t mind it too much as it gets older. But, even if you haven’t started trimming your dog’s nails that early in its life, you shouldn’t be overly concerned. It’s still possible to get the nail trimming done stress-free.

You can start by frequently touching and holding your dog’s paws. That way, your canine friend gets used to you holding its paws, even if you don’t do anything but gently rubbing and touching them. 

You can also let your dog sniff the toenail grinder. Afterward, give your dog praise and a treat. 

The following day, gently rub your dog’s paws with your hands, as well as with the toenail grinder. But don’t do anything beyond, just another praise and treat to let it know that it’s behaving well.

The next day, repeat the same procedure, just that this time squeeze the clipper so that the dog hears the sound. So, just squeezing the toenail grinder, no trimming yet. Don’t forget the praise and reward at the end of this exercise as well.

On the day after, start the well-known routine. However, this time, instead of just squeezing the clipper, try trimming the smallest tip from one of the paws. Trim only one nail, followed by praise and treats, as usual. Don’t trim more than one nail even if your canine friend seems perfectly still and okay with all that.

The following day, start the same known routine, just that this time trim two nails, followed by praise and reward. Slowly work your way up until you get all the nails trimmed. Sometimes you can even pretend you are clipping its nails; squeeze the toenail grinder. The idea here is to get them used to the process and make them feel comfortable. 

If you feel scared by the idea of trimming your dog’s nails, take it to a vet and see first-hand how the pros do it. Alternatively, watch how your friends that trim their dog’s nails. The idea is to get a better grasp of how it’s done and understand that there is nothing to worry about.

We’ve described above the safest, the most stress-free way to trim your dog’s nails. Just follow our tips and recommendations, and you will be able to trim your dog’s nails without too much effort.


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