Thermometers have long been used in machines buildings for temperature regulation and monitoring. But what about its usage in food?

The idea of food thermometers in the kitchen is not a new thing. People have always needed to know how will their meat is cooked which created a need for a cooking thermometer.

The food thermometer makes sure that the foods that you prepare either for personal or commercial purposes are well cooked, meaning they are neither undercooked nor overcooked.

People who are skilled in meat cooking understand the role of bacteria in food. How they affect the food and how to successfully get rid of them.

They also learn how cooking your food at a particular temperature can affect the meat either negatively or positively.

When meat is cooked at the right temperature and the temperature is maintained, holding the temperature for a period will help to kill off bacteria.

The ability of the cooking thermometer to help you know and maintain the right temperature makes it kitchen safety equipment and a very effective one.

When people continued to consider the effectiveness of the food thermometer, they created different versions as they saw fit. These versions all had the same goal of safety but were built differently.

Types Of Food Thermometers Used For Commercial Food Services

There have been many different versions of the food thermometers developed over the years. They have come in different shapes and sizes. Variations have also been added to suit its purpose.

Bimetallic Thermometers

This thermometer is not like other thermometers. It is quite slow in its reading pattern. This is because the bimetallic thermometer takes its reading within 1 to 2 minutes.

This thermometer is efficient for use even when cooking food. The bimetallic thermometer has to be inserted into the dish. To get an accurate temperature reading, it should go as far as 2 inches.

Thin food and similar dishes won’t go too well with this thermometer. Because the thermometer is made from metal, they conduct heat which can lead to inaccurate readings.

Thermocouple Thermometer

This type of thermometer accurately takes its reading at a fast rate. It takes its reading within a 2 to 5 second period.

The thermocouple thermometer has many applications when it comes to taking accurate food temperature readings in the kitchen

It does not matter what kind of meat you wish to use the thermocouple thermometer to measure, be it thin or thick meat, the thermometer is active and able to work effectively.

However, the thermocouple thermometer is best used when the food is almost cooked. Though the thermometer can be easily calibrated, it gives inaccurate readings when then the food is still cooking.

As a result of the sensitivity of thermocouples to the other metal supplies that may be available in a restaurant kitchen, it is best not to use them in an oven.


Thermometers are very useful for maintaining a standard for cooking foods mostly in a restaurant setting. Using a thermometer is important for every person who loves to cook nice food.


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