While professional cleaning can consume a lot of your time and money, you can wash your car yourself if you the right tricks. The right method and the right type of products matter a lot if you are doing a truck car wash in your driveway. If you develop the habit of keeping your car neat and clean, you will be able to boost the resale value of your car.

Get your hands on the right material

When you are washing your car at home, you will be needing the right material to clean off the dirt from your car. Here is a rundown of the materials and the right tools.

  • The first on the list is a vacuum cleaner. If the cleaner is equipped with a hose, it will ideal for you. If your vacuum cleaner model also has attachments to clean the tights and the carpets, you are better positioned to have the type of deep clean that you have desired. If you can do the steam cleaning of the interior of your car, it will also be the best option.
  • Chemical cleaning is also a viable option to clean off the dirt from the interior of your car. You might have accumulated in your home different types of cleaning products to clean hard surfaces. Chemical cleaning products can help you clean upholstery, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. You can write down a piece of paper about the type of surfaces in your car and then you can buy the related cleaning products from the market, which suit certain surfaces of the car.
  • You will also be needing wiping materials. For interior detailing, you need plenty of rags and towels. Terry cloth towels can be used to scrub the surfaces and also polish the surfaces. If you want to give your car surface an impeccable look, you may need a microfiber cloth without worrying leaving small scale scratches on the surfaces. Also, you should make sure that the clothes you are using should be free of any kind of residual chemicals.
  • You will also need brushed to clean the dust from the vents and the nooks where your hand cannot reach. You can use a bristled brush for hard surfaces and sponges for soft surfaces.

A good place to clean the carpets of your car. They are the dirtiest because they keep accumulating dirt from the feet of everyone who travels in the car. Depending on how dirty the interior is, you may also opt to clean the carpets at the end of the cleaning session.

As I have recommended using a vacuum cleaner in the car, you should make sure there are no coins on the floor. Also remove pieces of paper, wrappers, and any other visible material that you can see. Push the seats forward and then backward to ensure that you have not missed any spot. Your interior detailing depends on the tools and products you use. You ought to be specific about the cleaning procedure as you cannot use chemicals meant for vinyl to clean the glass.


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