Fishermen cannot catch the best fishing if they don’t have the best tools. Fishermen, by nature, focus more on the technique than on the accessories and the tools they use. I also thought the same way until I started fishing myself and realized that tools are as much important as the technique is.

LED Fishing Lighting

One of the most important and the most ignored as well is the submersible fishing light. These lights can be covered or uncovered. The main purpose of these lights is to ease off night fishing. It will illuminate the waters and you can see what is on the hook and whether you should pull in or not. It will also keep you aware of the underwater dangers.


You also need pliers made of aluminum. You might be thinking why not buy a pair of steel pliers. The fact is that aluminum is better than steel because it doesn’t rust. Also, they have carbide steel cutters. Whether you are fishing on a boat, you will be needing then to cut the line, to bend different things, and to remove the hooks from the mouth of the fish.


You will also need a pair of scissors for cutting. Scissors will help you cut through braids, fabrics, clothes, and hooks that are stuck on carpets, nylon, or any other piece of cloth.

First aid kit

When you are fishing in the wild, there is a chance that you get hurt due to slipping, falling in the water, or getting hooked yourself. That’s why it is highly recommended that you keep a first aid kit with you always. A small kit that can fit in your backpack can do great wonders for you. The best material is the one that comes in a waterproof pouch.

There is always a danger that you get bitten by a fish. There should be antibiotics, pain killers, and bandages in the kit so that you get immediate relief and you don’t have to leave the fishing venture in the middle and come back to the camp of the car.


You also need a digital camera for fishing if you are fishing as a hobby. You never know when you come across a fish that is Instagram worthy. A Go Pro or the camera of your choice is the best gadget to add to your fishing tool kit. You might be thinking that why should you spend money on a camera when you already a phone. Well, a camera allows you to set a timer and take a close shot even if you keep it away on the land. There are some waterproof versions as well that you can use even underwater.

Landing net

A fishing rod is a must but a landing net is also a necessary item to add to the toolset. No matter if you are fishing from a boat or a bank, you need a good landing net to catch plenty of fish from the water. This is good if you don’t have a boat. You can cast the net from the bank and reach the places that you were unable to reach with a rod.


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